With great sadness.. The star (Ahmed Abdel Aziz) sold all the furniture in his house to spend on his family and the surprise of his famous wife and his profession (painful details)

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A report accompanied by new information on the great Egyptian star, the Drama Knight, as his fans called him after his incarnation of many characters who left their traces in the minds of the masses.

Ahmed Abdel Aziz, the artist, who presented a different situation in his roles, but despite his success he went through many difficult periods and had to sell some of his possessions to devote to his family.

In the following lines we get to know his famous journalist wife and her opinion on the current political direction.

Ahmed Abdel Aziz was born in Alexandria in 1954, joined the theater from the Faculty of Commerce, where he was studying, and for his penchant for theater, he joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art after graduating from the Faculty of Commerce. 1982.

His star began to appear during the eighties, and he presented many cinematographic and dramatic works, including the series “Moussa Bin Naseer”, “Saalik but poets”, “The Metwally door”, and the films ” Bayt Al-Qadi”, “The Return of a Citizen”, and “The Band”.

In the 90s, his fame began to rise, as he presented many works that have immortalized his name to this day, including the series “Wolves of the Mountain”, “Money and Children”, “Who n ‘don’t like Fatima’ and also presented the films ‘The Politician’, ‘Who Lives, Sees’ and ‘The Deal’.

start to stumble
Recently, his artistic participation has diminished, due to his advanced age or the political events that Egypt suffered, and the thought of Ahmed Abdel Aziz has reached the end of his retirement from art.

Because, according to him, he has found nothing to offer the masses, because all the roles have run out, in addition to the absence of great authors such as “Osama Anwar Okasha” and “Mahfouz Abdel Rahman”, according to the author the basis of the work from his point of view.

Sell ​​household furniture
Ahmed Abdel Aziz was forced to sell some of the furniture in his house in Alexandria, especially since he was not working in the period following the January revolution, so he had to sell it to support himself. his family.

What Ahmed Abdel Aziz said about Sissi
Abdelaziz praised President “Sisi” and said that he appreciates art and artists, as he did with Arab screen lady “Faten Hamama” and kissed her hand during one of the celebrations, highlighting Egypt’s leadership in the arts, and that he began to regain his position from which he was robbed again.

His wife is a famous journalist

The artist Ahmed Abdel Aziz married the famous journalist “Dina Sharaf El-Din”, after a love at first sight, while she was telling their story. The first meeting took place at the Radio and Television building, where Dina studied media and trained in one of the studios, and Ahmed Abdel Aziz shot his scenes in the series “Al Mal”. Boys” in one of the studios.

Dina was involved in the preparation of a special program for celebrities and conducting interviews with them, so they took advantage of the presence of the staff of money and children to conduct interviews with them, including Ahmed Abdel Aziz. From the first look, he felt that she was the woman he was looking for.

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