Why SVP de Castelle will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award

Rory S. Rehmert, senior vice president of sales at Castelle Furniture Co.

HIGHLIGHT – This year’s recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the International Casual Furnishings Assn. is Rory S. Rehmert, Senior Vice President of Sales at Castelle Furniture Co. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes outstanding achievement over many years in the outdoor furniture industry, honoring leadership and ideas that advance the category growth.

Rehmert is a casual furniture veteran with over 40 years of sales and marketing management experience. He began his casual furniture career in Flower City, Kansas while in high school and graduated from Kansas State University in 1981 with a degree in marketing. Rehmert then became president of the Summer Winds division at Pride Family Brands in 2016. Following the acquisition of Pride Family Brands by Brown Jordan, Rehmert was named senior vice president of sales at the renamed Castelle Furniture.

Throughout his career in the casual industry, Rehmert has also held numerous board positions and served as a director of the American Home Furnishings Alliance from 2016 to 2018 as one of two representatives of the outdoor furniture division.

When the Association of Manufacturers of Summer and Leisure Furniture. announced the new inclusive organization, ICFA, at the 2007 Apollo Awards dinner, Rehmert said, “Our industry is at a crossroads, and it is imperative that we ask ourselves, ‘What makes Specialty casual furniture retail? We need to ask ourselves this question to better prepare our businesses for the future.

“He really set the bar for what others should strive for in their careers,” said David Schweig, president of Sunnyland Outdoor Living in Dallas, which submitted a nomination for Rehmert in the selection process for price. “He is a man of integrity and honour…a very talented and knowledgeable individual who has graciously shared his insights for the benefit of those in our industry.”

Rehmert will be honored at the 2022 ICFA Awards Gala on July 20 at Navy Pier in Chicago.

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