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Interior design expert Genevieve Gorder has led several home improvement series across several major networks, proving that its taste is exquisite. The HGTV star debuted as a designer on the hit TLC Commercial spaces in 2000. After more than two decades as a television designer, it should come as no surprise that Genevieve’s New York apartment is more than breathtaking.

In 2009, the Minnesota native landed Dear Geneviève on HGTV, a show where people wrote and asked him for help with design. Geneviève decided it was time to do some major renovations to her own apartment in 2014. She documented the entire process on another show, Geneviève’s renovation.

the HGTV Design Star Judge had lived in the 1850s apartment for over a decade. She decided to buy the unit next door and tear down the wall to create a cohesive space. The second apartment hadn’t been renovated for 40 years and Geneviève knew she had a big job to do. Throughout the process, she kept her daughter, Bebelle, in mind, hoping to create the home of her dreams.

“I’ve always been sensitive to the stress of home renovations for my clients, but doing my own renovation puts the whole process in a whole new light,” said Geneviève. in a report in 2014.

It took 18 months for the renovations to be completed, but Geneviève was able to add all the things she originally envisioned for the space. the Stay here star has carefully selected the perfect combination of colors, textures and artwork for each room. Built-in shelves are scattered throughout the rooms, and the herringbone wood floors are a unique touch.

“I’ve done just about every type of design I can, and I continue to diversify so I don’t get bored,” said Geneviève. USA today in April 2020 about his unique design style. “Being agile is the key. “

the Best room wins The host went out of his way for his dining room with mismatched furniture and a table made by a local blacksmith. She installed a rolling ladder in the kitchen for easy access to the hanging cabinets above a beautiful marble backsplash. Geneviève has often shared glimpses of her cooking on Instagram while making cocktails and lounging on the living room sofa with her puppy.

Scroll down to visit Genevieve’s apartment in New York City.

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