Use these 5 designer furniture layout ideas for small rooms, check them out

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Designing a small space can get quite tricky! Choosing the right furniture and furniture combinations can be limited due to tight spaces! But, if you have planned the right layout to utilize the space, you can make the arrangement quite functional. Take a look at these tricks you could use!

Choose furniture intended for a small room. Instead of opting for a sofa that would take up too much space, opt for armchairs. The sleek design of their chairs will make the room feel less cluttered and stuffy.

Set up a focal point in your home, whether it’s a window, TV or wall decoration. Use it as the center of the room and arrange furniture facing or around the focal point!

Use a neutral palette. Neutral shades give the space a larger feel. You can opt for grays or white, cream or tan for the walls as well as for the large pieces of furniture. You add color to the room with smaller room decor like throw pillows or centerpieces.

Sometimes, in small apartments, a living room shares space with a dining room or kitchen. Be sure to differentiate the spaces. You can position the sofa facing the living room with its back towards the kitchen. You can arrange the rest of the furniture around the sofa and keep a clear path to the kitchen.

Take advantage of vertical spaces. Bring everyone’s eye to vertical spaces by using floor-to-ceiling draperies.

Here are 5 photos of furniture layouts that you could take inspiration from to furnish your small living space!

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