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After having advocated permanent telework, Twitter now requires employees to work at least 40 hours a week in the office.

Twitter ended its remote working policy following an email from new owner Elon Musk preparing them for the “tough times ahead,” in an email reviewed by Bloomberg.

Musk said there was “no way to water down the message” about the economic outlook and how it will affect an ad-dependent business like Twitter. “The road ahead is arduous and will take hard work to succeed,” Musk wrote.

The company will now expect its employees to be in the office at least 40 hours a week.

Previously, Twitter had implemented a permanent work-from-anywhere arrangement for its employees. The company also practiced “rest days,” a company-wide monthly day off introduced during the pandemic, which Musk has now eliminated.

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Twitter has been under Musk for nearly two weeks, during which time he has laid off about half of its workforce and most of its executive suite. After laying off workers, Twitter has asked some employees to return, according to multiple reports. Sources had said that the company had asked some employees to return because they had been terminated “by mistake”, according to Bloomberg.

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