Tour of Janie Molster’s house in Richmond

Around the time when Janie Molster was pregnant with her fourth son, she informed her husband that she wanted to go pink. “I said, ‘If I’m a fraternity team or a basketball team or whatever we’ve got here, then I’m going to do pretty much whatever I want with this rosy situation,” she recalls. My husband said to me: ‘Go for it!’ “

Their home – a 1907 farm in Richmond, Virginia, located on an occupied block “with church bells ringing and schoolchildren marching” – was in what Molster calls “a constant state of evolution” during the 18 years that his family lived there. Part of that is due to the reality of living with an accomplished designer: Molster’s eponymous firm, run by all-female staff, specializes in residential projects in the South East. The age of the house also posed structural challenges. “Let’s just say there aren’t a lot of turns,” she points out. “When you live in an old house, you have to embrace imperfection. In fact, you have to give him a big hug. Rightly so, there are antiques everywhere you look, but it’s the last thing a visitor would notice. Instead, what stands out is the fact that room after room, from kitchen to bedroom, is draped in blush and coral, watermelon and fuchsia tones.

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“I thank my mother for my love of pink. It flowed over me from a young age, ”says Molster. “While my use can be a bit bold for my mom at times, we stand together in the sense that there isn’t too much of a color that you like.”

Molster’s five children don’t seem to care – “they were ushered into a women’s home so early they didn’t know how to object” – but she does know that the people who line up for her services. design may not be as comfortable thinking big. “There is one term I use with my clients: color tolerance,” she says. “Some people crave pure, saturated color, and others want a little touch of quiet color.”

Either way, balance is the key. Luxurious designs like gold fixtures and frames, oversized mirrors, wide stripes, and velvet all keep roses from feeling frilly. And there is no shortage of unusual choices, such as in the kitchen, where a pink and lavender ombré paper by Thibaut covers both the walls and the Sub-Zero refrigerator. And the room is not founded by the typical island but by a large table made of a section of old parquet. “I thought back to my grandmother’s kitchen, which had a table in the middle of the room,” says Molster. “It was truly the heart of his house.”

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Bjorn wallander

Twenty-five years of design work taught Molster to trust his instincts. “I am a risk taker. I tend to follow my instinctual inclinations without looking back, ”she says. “When a piece sings with a good clean design and a certain originality, it stands out to a discerning eye. You just know.

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