This fall floral arrangement will warm up your Westchester home


How beautiful is this flower arrangement? Photograph by Tim Voytek

Brimming with autumnal hues, this floral arrangement will brighten up any gathering or room in your Westchester County abode.

Create your own interpretation with guidance from the designer herself, Penny Karvounis, of her eponymous floral design studio based in Mount Kisco.


spray rosette
martagon lily
kangaroo paw
Date palm
ornamental grass

Photograph by Tim Voytek


Make a grid of duct tape over the opening of the vase to help hold the stems in place.

Outline the dimensions of the arrangement using greenery or branches. Don’t be afraid to thin out branches or flower stems for a more airy feel.

Add larger flowers and group them together. (Flowers in the wild tend to grow in groups.)

Cut the stems at an angle rather than in a straight line, to allow more surface area for water absorption. Keep leaves out of water to avoid potential bacteria growth.

Continue to fill in the base of the arrangement. For more depth, try inserting flowers at an angle. Cut the stems to different lengths so that the flowers are placed at different heights.

Experiment with fruit to add interesting shapes and textures. Here, date palms cascade down the side of the vase.

Add special flowers (martagon lily, kangaroo paw), centerpieces that can be placed high in the arrangement, for prominence. Adopt the natural curve and shape of each stem.

Look at the arrangement from all sides, without clinging to a single area. Flowers will often be placed in the center of a table and therefore seen from all sides.

Working on a Lazy Susan will allow you to easily rotate the ship as you arrange it.

Finally, add delicate herbs.

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