The new eclectic furniture collection from Fendi Casa


Fendi Casa’s new furniture collection is an eclectic assortment of class acts

Presented at the Barcelona estate of Xavier Corberó, the new Fendi Casa furniture collection includes pieces by Piero Lissoni, Atelier Oï, Cristina Celestino and many more.

Fendi Casa has unveiled its latest furniture collection, created in collaboration with a list of global designers. Orchestrated by the house’s artistic director of menswear and accessories, Silvia Venturini Fendi, the collection features contributions from major designers such as Piero Lissoni, Atelier Oï, Dimorestudio, Marcel Wanders Studio, and Cristina Celestino and Chiara Andreatti (the the latter two collaborated with Fendi for their Design Miami presentations in 2016 and 2017 respectively).

Cristina Celestino’s ‘Vittoria’ sideboard with Thierry Lemaire’s ‘Parsifal’ armchair

The collection is an evolution that fully represents the brand’s commitment to design: “It features avant-garde designs; it’s more eclectic and in line with our men’s and women’s collections, which I imagine living in these new spaces,” explains Venturini Fendi. “It’s all very organic and aligned with our DNA.”

The launch includes new pieces, as well as existing designs from the brand’s more experimental efforts (like the Design Miami collections). Together, they form an eclectic image of the company’s aesthetics and creative values.

The ‘Soho’ armchair and chaise longue by Toan Nguyen stand next to the ‘Metropolis’ coffee table by Atelier Oï

The sofa has a special place in this collection. A series of new designs offer various interpretations of the medium, suitable for different lifestyles, from large-scale modular sofas to the more compact sofa. Among them is Atelier Oï’s ‘Fun’ modular sofa, a Venturini Fendi favorite for its ability to embody the house’s artisanal spirit. Featuring a bold grid design, it includes different elements to create a seating landscape and is defined by nubuck padding with a peekaboo effect on the corners, designed to make the padding look like it’s popping out. ‘It is reminiscent of our “Selleria”, the work from which it all started and which we have been perpetuating since 1925, but in a very evocative and non-trivial way. Moreover, it has a softness, a lightness that always characterizes our work,” she says.

There are also refined dining tables, chairs, armchairs and bedroom furniture, as well as a series of outdoor pieces by Piero Lissoni with bamboo frames and hemp upholstery.

The ‘Sagano’ armchairs, designed by Piero Lissoni

To mark its launch, the collection was recently photographed at the estate of Catalan sculptor Xavier Corberó, whose concrete arches form a backdrop for the collection’s rich textures. “Xavier Corberó’s Barcelona home interprets the same vision as Fendi’s expressive codes, while sharing great coherence with the architecture of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, the house’s headquarters,” says Fendi Casa CEO Alberto Da Passano. The two buildings, he says, “underline the values ​​of identity, creativity and craftsmanship that have always distinguished Fendi Casa’s collections.”

Venturini Fendi concludes: “It is increasingly essential to engage in conversation with international creative talents, who can make their own contribution to the evolution of the Fendi aesthetic, beyond more commercial borders. §

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