The new Chanel Première watch takes up the design codes of the house


“In 2022, I wanted the Première to be definitively timeless”, explains the director of the Chanel Watch Creation Studio, Arnaud Chastaingt. “I wanted to retain the spirit and aesthetics of the original Premiere. First appearing in 1987 and designed by Chanel’s artistic director, Jacques Helleu, the Chanel Première marks the house’s first foray into watchmaking, taking up the house’s classic codes with its octagonal shape and interlaced strap of leather and chain.

“You instantly recognize all the codes of the house, with its black lacquered dial and its golden octagonal case inspired by the cork of the Perfume n°5 bottle and the outline of the Place Vendôme”, adds Chastaingt. ‘I chose a slightly softer and more luminous golden shade to go perfectly with the golden chain of the house’s iconic bag. I wanted Première to stay true to itself: resolutely in tune with the times.

Chanel Première: “a lesson in style”

Chanel gold watch

(Image credit: Chanel)

The updated design stays true to the original spirit of the watch, which was created specifically for women, its feminine strap design making an elegant foil for the minimalism of the dial, which eschews the numerals and indexes. Helleu wanted to make a simple and strong statement with the original design: “I fought to make a design that is strong, that is unique, that – more than the launch of a single collection – becomes an eternal reference”, he commented at the time.

“This creation is our DNA and a Chanel code from start to finish,” adds Chastaingt. ‘Much more than a watch, the Première is a lesson in style.’ (opens in a new tab)

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