The Making of the Zimmerman House: Visit the Des Peres Dream House | ABODE magazine

Photo by Alise O’Brien

By Bethany Christo

“Luxury is about how you feel, not what you see,” says Jessie D. Miller Interior Design’s namesake during her redesign of “Zimmerman House”.

The magnificent Des Peres house was built in the 1960s, partially burnt down in 1983, and then slightly renovated by the previous owners. After this recent four-month project completed in July 2020, however, the space was transformed from a mismatched house filled with heirloom and haphazardly adopted furniture into an organized, cohesive and comfortable space, featuring a selection of works by art from Miller’s own collection.

“The owners’ stories reminded me of all kinds of treasured treasures that I have kept for years,” says Miller. The Zimmerman art collection ended up including everything from vintage equestrian paintings and sketches, editorial photographs and even an oversized black and white abstract that my mother, Janet Miller, painted for me when I moved in. for the first time in my current apartment. “

Miller felt so connected to the stories and backgrounds of Zimmerman’s owners because of his professional process – as well as a little bit of serendipity. After meeting the couple at a Christmas party at the home she had previously designed for another client, an instant connection was made and Miller got to work to find out how the couple met. , why they chose their home, their cultures and families. they grew up around music and the restaurants they love and, of course, “a closet nosy,” according to Miller.

“The owners are pretty much my dream clients,” she says. “They are a fun loving, down to earth, sporty and fashionable married couple with three young sons. Working with this family was effortless; throughout the process, they were open-minded, adventurous, yet realistic and straightforward communicators.

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