Stacey Solomon shares a full house tour – and it’s so surprising

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Stacey Solomon officially moved into a new home with Joe swash, Stacey’s sons, Zachary and Leighton from previous relationships, and Stacey and Joe’s one-year-old son, Rex, and she has now given fans a tour of the interior.

The Cowardly Women The star took to Instagram Stories as she showed off each piece, and with a retro design echoing her Tudor heritage, it’s worlds away from Stacey and Joe’s modern old home. Looked…

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Stacey Solomon’s Conservatory

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WATCH: Stacey Solomon unveils gorgeous veranda

Stacey first showed off the veranda and nicknamed it her “favorite room”. It is designed with large windows that provide lots of natural light and brown tiled floors. Stacey wrote: “This will be my favorite room, I think. It’s so warm and bright… I’ll start with that indoors, I think… But I’m not sure if I should make it a little playroom or a really cozy corner. “

Stacey Solomon’s pool


Stacey and Joe’s new home has its own private outdoor pool, but Stacey says it is currently unsafe and “needs a barrier and a secure cover.”

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Stacey Solomon’s bedroom


Stacey and Joe’s new bedroom features vaulted ceilings with wooden beams painted in cream to match the cream walls. Currently, cream and pink floral curtains frame the windows and dark oak wood window sills.

Stacey Solomon’s bathroom


In keeping with the home’s charming vintage design, Stacey’s downstairs bathroom features flower-painted sinks with intricate carvings and brass faucets. Stacey has admitted that she is a fan of the aged design and intends to keep it.

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The toilets also feature the same blue and white floral theme. Stacey explained that if she wants to keep the printed elements, she will “base the theme of the room” around it with “a duck egg blue wall and a white floor”.

Stacey Solomon’s garden


Outside, the children also have their own full-size Wendy House, equipped with heating, a table and chairs and even a hammock. Stacey has revealed that this will likely be the place where she completes her famous first “tap-and-go” home transformation.


Elsewhere in the garden, there is a magnificent walkway with wooden arches and climbing plants, which Stacey says is her “favorite part of the garden”.

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