Snow’s Furniture Open, Offers Similar Experience for Marquis | Local News


Snow’s Furniture, 4922 W. Garriott, is now open and offers a full selection of furniture after being named Marquis Furniture for many years. Snow’s new location belongs to Barry Durham.

General manager Kerri Beyer had been with Marquis for 17 years and said the name changed over the summer, with all job titles filled on June 1, a soft opening on June 20 and the grand opening from of August 20.

“I have known the owner of this business for as many years as I have known the owner of Marquis,” Beyer said. “So it was a very comfortable transition for all of us, and they made sure of that. It’s a great company to work for.

The furniture is brand new since the name change. Beyer said they’ve been “pretty busy” in the first few months since the transition.

“We are holding on. It’s actually busier than it was with Marquis,” Beyer said. “With Snow being from Tulsa, I don’t know if a lot of people recognized him. Now that our commercials have started, they recognize the gentleman in the commercials: Johnny Ross. He’s the owner’s uncle and he’s awesome He’s one of the best people I know.”

Beyer said there were plans to house Ross in Snow’s new location at some point, as he became something of a celebrity in Oklahoma for his distinctive move of waving his arm in a circle.

There is a lot of familiarity for Snow’s customers who shopped at Marquis. Beyer said promotions such as tax-equal discounts, rental without a credit check, as well as Wells Fargo being its benchmark finance company. Some of the furniture makers are the same ones offered by Marquis, as well as entirely new brands.

There is currently a sale over Labor Day weekend, with any purchase over $500 qualifying customers for a discount equal to the tax of the purchase. Beyer said there are also plans to participate in other promotions that take place with various businesses in the city, although it is too early to know exactly what they will be offering or participating in.

With the transition now firmly in the rearview mirror, Beyer said the process had been about as easy as it could have been. She said even being familiar with the building through multiple companies made the change even smoother.

“It was a huge advantage. I have been in furniture for 32 years. This building actually became a home,” Beyer said. “We joke that I come with the building, because I was in this building with Sight and Sound, I was in this building with Aaron, I was in this building with Marquis and now Snow. So it’s a huge advantage to be so familiar with the owner. Everyone in furniture is doing something so similar that the transition is almost seamless.

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