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Snøhetta is set to unveil her latest design for an expanded international opera house which she hopes will create a new state-of-the-art cultural center in the heart of one of the most artistic cities in the world. ‘Germany.

The proposed Duett Düsseldorf will replace the city’s current 1,300-seat Opernhaus Düsseldorf with an extended program and additional mixed-use towers that fit perfectly into the historic Hofgarten park below.

Image: © MIR

Emerging from a ‘forest-like’ foyer entrance bifurcated by a clear glass shell, visitors are greeted in the horizontal volume by a sculptural wood core topped by three cantilever floors culminating in a café au fourth floor which offers spectators close-up views of rehearsal spaces for the orchestra and the choir. The volume is complemented by a 6,000 square meter (32,300 square feet) rooftop garden that can be adapted to serve as event space for common functions and provides the public with a 360-degree view of the city.

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This is accentuated by the appearance of two towers which form a V-shape whose silhouette changes with each perspective to create a dancing “duo” effect which amplifies the function of the building. Each tower has an opaque exterior facade that contrasts with more transparent interior facades, which creates a clear division between residential and artistic uses.


The towers will house a hotel and apartments in addition to the administrative spaces for the opera house. With this addition, Snøhetta aspires to create “synergies” between visitors, artists and locals. Overall, the development aims to create a more accessible space that brings people together.

Image © Centrum via Snøhetta / Boomtown

The plan was commissioned by Centrum Group and will now go through an approval process by the city planning authority. Archinect will have more development information once it is available.

Image: © MIR

Image © Centrum via Snøhetta / Boomtown

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