Sherri Shepherd Reveals Oprah Sent Her Huge Flower Arrangement, Re-enacts Iconic Red Wagon Moment


Sherri Shepherd brings back one of Oprah Winfrey’s most memorable TV moments.

On Friday, Shepherd, 55, revealed on his new daytime talk show Sherri that Winfrey, 68, had sent her a huge flower arrangement. During the announcement, Shepherd re-enacted Winfrey’s iconic TV moment using a red wagon to bring out the flowers for her audience to see.

“Oh my God, let me tell you something, I may not have meat in this wagon, but I got flowers from Oprah,” she said in a clip uploaded to Youtube.

As she knelt next to the flowers, she continued, “I’m going to do everything from here next to my Oprah flowers.”

SHERRI/Debmar-Mercury . Opera. Oprah gives Sherri a huge floral arrangement and recreates Oprah’s iconic red wagon and 67-pound moment!


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Shepherd then walked to her chair after her crew jokingly told her she couldn’t host her show sitting next to the wagon.

“Gotta go WWOD, ‘What would Oprah do,'” Shepherd said while wearing an outfit similar to Winfrey’s during the memorable moment Winfrey revealed her new look on her show in 1988 while rolling a grease-laden cart to represent the 67 pounds she had lost. In this episode, Winfrey wore a pair of size 10 Calvin Klein jeans.

“I’m going to dress like Oprah today. I may not have the meat but I have the flowers,” she continued her monologue. “I was trying to find a wig like Oprah, but I think they pulled it, and it’s at the Smithsonian.”

Before starting her new gig earlier this month, Shepherd shared that she received advice from Winfrey revealing in an interview with Weekly entertainment that Winfrey, 68, had called her to give her feedback on running a talk show.

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“I took 15 pages of notes until my fingers were cramped,” Shepherd said, adding that she had texted Winfrey “two or three times” before getting the call.

“I took a potassium pill because I had cramps in my fingers and couldn’t write anymore,” she joked. “I said, ‘Wait, I have to memorize this because no one will believe that I’m talking and laughing with Oprah.'”

Shepherd continued, “One thing I took from Oprah was that she said, ‘Sherri, the show isn’t about the ratings, it’s about the energy. You put the energy in, and it will come back in direct proportion to you from the audience. It is your responsibility. You’re responsible for the energy that’s in your show.'”

“I felt that because I was like, ‘Damn, I just wanted to show viral videos and make people laugh.’ But it’s true, it’s the energy you give off, which is why we love Oprah,” Shepherd explained.

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Winfrey shot to fame as a talk show host in 1986, leading the groundbreaking The Oprah Winfrey Showwhich ran until 2011 and was the highest rated talk show of its kind in television history.

Shepherd, a huge fan of the talk show legend, also said EO that she “will literally frame the 15 pages of notes”.

“I’m not even throwing them away. They’ll be in my memoir, my biopic, the notes will be on the wall,” she added at the time. “If I could have recorded Oprah, I would have, because I said no one would believe it.”

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