Scarborough Affordable Furniture Charity Expands


The community furniture store at Mount View Business Park is expanding with a major relaunch of the store’s offerings today.

Community Furniture Store is a registered charity that collects unwanted furniture and household items donated by residents of the Scarborough District who no longer want them and then sells the items at low prices. People on means-tested benefits get an additional 30% discount on the already low prices. Goods are sold to help cover operational costs.

The team will reopen an expanded store in Scarborough today with more retail space and a streamlined layout.

Director Alice Pimm explains

“Our goal is simply to help people have affordable, good quality furniture in their homes. We collect items from all over the Scarborough area including Whitby and even as far as Bridlington and inland towards Malton. We offer a huge selection of household items ranging from sofas and chairs to tables, desks and beds; we also offer white goods and occasionally single items. We recently had a bath given!

Rebecca Blues is the chief executive of a group of three charities based in Scarborough, Selby and York and she says

“The Scarborough team has worked extremely hard over the past few months to improve the store and provide great selection for everyone. Our service is even more needed today given the impact of the rapidly rising cost of living. Furniture poverty is already a national scandal, with many families unable to provide a decent home environment. We can ensure that families have suitable beds to sleep in and tables to eat their food on.

Graham Mitchell, Chairman of the Trustees, adds

“Following our investment in securing additional space, we will now be able to offer a better shopping experience and even greater choice from our furniture and homeware inventory on our retail floor considerably enlarged. Although our main objective is to help people in need, we are open to anyone who wishes to make a good deal as we need to generate an income in order to cover the running costs of the association.

“Thanks to the extra space, we are also able to offer more work experience places in our furniture workshop, which has moved to another unit on the same site, and we will soon be increasing volunteer opportunities. when we expand collection and delivery services.

Graham also adds

“We rely on furniture donations from individuals and businesses to provide a wide range of products in the workshop. We collect items for free, but they must be clean for use by others. By asking us to collect unwanted items, you will not only prevent items from going to landfill, but you will also directly help local people to have better homes”.

The association closed the store on Wednesday to prepare for the reopening at 09:30 this morning (Saturday September 10)

Alice adds

“It’s not just a chance to see what all of our hard work over the past few months has created in store, but also a chance to get to know each other and what we do for the community.”

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