Pratt Furniture & Carpet makes customer needs a top priority

By Jennifer Stultz Editor

Prentiss Whited, co-owner of Pratt Furniture & Carpet at 424 S. Main in Pratt, has worked with business partner and fellow co-owner Mike Baird for nearly 30 years, bringing not only high-quality furniture and flooring options to customers , but also providing a local service that cannot be matched by online stores.

“Technically I could retire but I will never leave this store,” Whited said. ” I like people. Working with clients to find the solution that best meets their needs is what makes my day. »

Not only does Whited love the people he serves, he enjoys using his own talents in ways that beautify many homes in the area. He sometimes refurnishes furniture found on buy-back sites or at garage sales and places them on the sales floor for customers. He doesn’t make any special demands but has a pretty good reputation for his upcycling skills. It also provides personalized service for deliveries of all types of furniture, which is not so common in today’s click and scroll society.

“Just last week I delivered and set up three sections, which Amazon or Google won’t do for you,” Whitehed said. “I’m not perfect, but I’ll try to do everything I can for anyone. I love helping people find pieces that will suit their home and lifestyle.

Whitehed said everything listed on the Pratt store website at is readily available for ordering and delivery to customers in the Pratt area. The website is kept up to date with hundreds of updates every day.

“Like all similar businesses, we’ve struggled to get stuff in during this pandemic, but if it’s on the website, we have it,” Whitehad said. “We just installed four recliners in the store this week and are very happy with them. Previously, we could have over 30 such items in stock, in the store, but times have changed. »

Whitehed said the Ashley furniture line offered by The Furniture & Carpet Store, as well as other similar stores, is backed by a warehouse in Arcadia, WI, but many boxes come with a “Made in Vietnam” label. . Getting special orders or parts or just regular parts can sometimes be frustrating due to supply chain issues.

“No matter who you are, if you can’t get the goods in, there’s no way to sell them,” he said. “Imported goods are simply difficult.”

Although furniture sales have stagnated in recent months due to overseas supply issues, business is still strong at Pratt Furniture and Carpet due to flooring sales and installation.

“Mike is our flooring manager and he’s busy all the time,” Whitehed said. “We handle ceramic, hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring and the good thing is that all of these options are made in the USA. If we don’t have it, we can get it quickly.

Whitehed said he and Baird have united against adverse economic conditions for nearly four decades in Pratt and have no plans to go anywhere.

“We’ve stood the test of time and people trust us,” Whitehed said. “We are here to do more than just sell furniture and flooring. We are here to provide customer service and help others. This is what we live for. It’s a good community and we’re proud to be part of it.

A graduate of Pratt High School, Whited said he was born in Pratt and his parents also lived in the community for many years, as did his grandparents. He came by his creative skills naturally when his mother Pat Whited painted many pictures and portraits which hang on the walls of Pratt Furniture and Carpet for viewing. Her grandmother had a popular antique store in town, which inspired her interest in finding and restoring treasures.

Whited also cultivates a deep interest in Pratt history and has created coffee tables and sideboards that feature laminated and affixed Pratt scenes from the past. These can also be viewed at the store at 424 S. Main.

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