People’s Alliance Party and NFP confirm pre-election working agreement

People’s Alliance leader Sitiveni Rabuka and National Federation Party leader Prof. Prasad [image:supplied]

People’s Alliance Party and NFP confirm pre-election working agreement

The People’s Alliance Party and the National Federation Party have a pre-election working agreement and a post-election plan which is still ongoing.

This was confirmed as Popular Alliance leader Sitiveni Rabuka will speak at the NFP convention this weekend, while NFP President Pio Tikoduadua and leader Professor Biman Prasad today attended the Special People’s Assembly of the PAP in Nausori.

Asked by fijivillage, Rabuka says they have had association and coalition talks with the NFP and Unity Fiji.

Rabuka says that for several months the Popular Alliance has been engaged in discussions with the NFP to work together.

He says that prior to these talks he had worked with the NFP throughout his life as a politician and national leader.

According to Rabuka, in the 1999 general election both the SVT and the NFP lost the elections and Mahendra Chaudhry was appointed Prime Minister in May 1999.

He says that when he left Government House after conceding defeat, he told the media that Fiji had a Constitution that was worth losing an election.

Rabuka says they have an agreement with the NFP to continue their bipartisan efforts for Fiji, and that will increasingly be seen together as they traverse the country’s islands and roads. He says they will spread a message of peace, stability, prosperity and respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms and respect for the rule of law.

Asked about the arrangement between the People’s Alliance Party and the NFP, the leader of the NFP, Prof. Prasad, said that they would probably even organize joint campaigns before the elections.

Prof Prasad said the NFP working committee has authorized the party leadership to engage with political parties to ensure they advance national interests at all levels.

He says the NFP worked with Rabuka and the former SVT on the 1997 Constitution, and they continued to work with him when he was the leader of the opposition.

He said talks on the post-election working arrangement between the two sides will continue.

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