Omaha Furniture Bank Needs Volunteer Help

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Restoring Dignity and The Furniture Project are in a joint effort to help refugee families in Omaha.

At the furniture bank, furniture is donated to them, and then they donate it to refugee families in the Omaha metro area.

With the large number of donations they receive throughout the week, the non-profit organization has volunteers to help with the establishment.

But the furniture bank badly needs more help.

“To do this, we have to rely on volunteers.

Once they receive the donation, the volunteers organize, clean and transport the furniture. With more volunteers it could speed up the process and more.

“They all play a crucial role because you know there are so many refugees coming in, and these items need to get to them, so we make sure these items are prepared and clean as soon as they are dropped off,” said Eh Htoo Gay. , Director.

Cleaning and preparing furniture for families is something these volunteers take pride in.

“When we send things to families, we want to be proud of what we send and know they are getting something in their home that we would like in ours, so having that clean, organized and ready is really important. .go,” volunteer Joyce McArthur-Johnson said.

To help keep things in tip-top shape, anyone may have the opportunity to help out with the furniture bank in a number of ways. They just need a little of your time.

“You can come and work two or three hours volunteering, whether it’s here with the furniture or with the household items for the families.”

The hope of having more volunteers is that it is a role that can make a difference in the community.

“Ultimately, we want volunteers who will keep coming back and we can have a set schedule for them.”

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