New Horizons’ best bedroom and home design examples

Animal Crossing fans came up with some truly gorgeous house designs. Here are some of the best examples of New Horizons player rooms.

Animal crossing the fans turned out to be a creative bunch, creating all kinds of awesome landscapes and islands with Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ tools. The most basic part of Animal crossing the customization of the series, however, is the player’s home, and the new customization capabilities in New Horizons allowed players to create great room designs.

New Horizons has a ton of interesting furniture and wallpapers – including intricate and mobile wallpapers – for gamers to choose from, but what really makes its home designs awesome is the amount of customization it has to offer. which players have access to. New Horizons’ design tools allow players to draw whatever they want and place it on floors and walls, and some furniture items can be adjusted to suit the color scheme of a particular room.

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These tools have led to many unique home setups from fans. Here are some of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ the coolest room designs created by players, which should inspire other players to produce equally interesting houses.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Most Awesome Bedroom Designs

animal crossing the new horizon meteor shower

Moon Room

Reddit user ThaiTeaMochi won the positive votes of thousands of colleagues New Horizons players with this starry room design. It relies heavily on the textures of the star-patterned wallpaper and floor, but the tasteful placement of other bright space-themed objects – and especially the rocking sheep in the corner – really helps. sell the sleeping feeling of the room.

Bright kitchen

This Reddit kitchen lunathelark feels incredibly inviting, thanks to the plants, white tiles, light wood furniture, and yellow accents. New Horizons’ house upgrades allow players to customize multiple rooms. So players might want to try turning one of them into a kitchen like this.

Minecraft Room

Reddit user EpicPickles01 used New Horizons’ design tools mentioned above to make this awesome Minecraft-inspiration room. It is sparse, but quite unique among Animal crossing ”s other houses.

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Bookstore / Library

This Reddit User Bookstore Layout adamslolz has a great combination of dark furniture that nails the aesthetic, and it might work as a bookcase as well.

Pink sewing workshop

Twitter user Euphoria’ The design of the sewing room has an adorable pink and white color scheme, even better when combined with the cute pastel colored clothes on display.

“Witch Room”

This Twitter user piece Big baby makes great use of a lot of different bits and pieces that somehow fit together under the “witch” aesthetic. The occult mat, skull and cauldron are particularly nice touches, especially when paired with the many Animal crossing plant-based furniture, which makes it possible to soften things up a bit.

Spa room

Reddit user fine paste The design of the spa room combines a variety of different themed items into a cohesive and relaxing look.

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Vaporwave space

Relying heavily on New Horizons’ custom designs to great effect, Reddit user Larssmaller The room with pink walls and a checkerboard floor perfectly captures the vaporwave look.

Sweet living room

This bright Twitter room lady ivy uses a unique combination of brick walls, soft colors, and plants, and the random jukebox doesn’t look out of place.

Crowded but cozy kitchen

This latest example from the Twitter user Tiffany should feel like a complete mess, with clutter and decorations all over the place. But there’s a crazy order, and it ends up looking cool and cozy – like maybe this is someone’s cold but messy aunt’s house. It just shows that when creating a space it is the intricate little details in New Horizons that matters.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons released on March 20, 2020 on Nintendo Switch.

Image source: Euphoria / Twitter, lunathelark / Reddit, Adamslolz / Reddit

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