New homes will be built on the site of the Wollaston furniture factory

PLANS have been approved to replace a furniture factory in Wollaston with new homes.

A request to demolish Stour House in Wollaston Road and replace it with 11 new detached houses has been approved by planners at Dudley Council.

An officer’s report says part of the site is in the floodplain of the River Stour – the Environment Agency raised no objections to the plan which included a flood risk assessment aimed at demonstrate that there would be no risk of flooding.

The report adds: “While some of the proposed dwellings will back onto the river, this is unavoidable given the shape of the site, however, the majority of the river boundary is open with outward facing houses.”

The derelict site has long been used for industrial purposes and was occupied by the Palace Furniture factory for many years, but plans will see it transformed into three and four bedroom homes with parking and landscaping.

A design and access statement from Simpatico Town Planning, commissioned by Alps Homes Limited, said the project would help meet housing needs and would “substantially enhance the amenity and vitality of the area”.

Approving the project, the officer said in his report that the development was acceptable as the site had planning permission and he added: “The proposal is acceptable from the point of view of layout, design, risk flooding and nature conservation”.

A letter of objection has been received – raising concerns about potential ground level changes causing land instability, loss of trees and impact on ecology.

The report, however, states that a retaining wall would be provided due to the change in site levels, a strip of land would be provided along the river to provide an improved nature conservation corridor, and trees likely to providing food and rest for bats should protect you.

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