NEIGHBORHOOD x ACME Furniture Collaboration 2022

NEIGHBORHOOD and its NBHD BOOKSTORE are teaming up with ACME Furniture to launch a new series of homewares and accessories. The Japanese streetwear brand recently launched its latest SPECIMEN RESEARCH LABORATORY (SRL) collection as a tribute to tuberous plants and home gardening.

Mainly known for its clothing, NEIGHBORHOOD also offers a wide range of accessories ranging from headwear to home products and decoration, some of which are developed in collaboration with Futura, retaW and Ichino Denichigama.

This latest collaboration line is comprised of everyday home accessories, such as a variety of refillable dispensers, shopping carts, mugs and toothbrush holders. Dispensers range from shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, fabric softener and detergent with particular sizes and nozzles specific to each type of liquid. Versatile storage containers are also included in small, medium and large sizes which are also microwave safe and can be used as food storage containers.

The NEIGHBORHOOD x ACME Furniture collaboration series is now available at brand-managed stores and via the official website. Prices range from US$21 to US$52.

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