MNR announces open house / tour events at Michigan’s Wetland Wonders

DNR – DNR Announces Open House / Tour Events at Michigan’s Wetland Wonders

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MNR announces open house / tour events at Michigan’s Wetland Wonders

Contact: Joe robison, 734-777-1066 Agency: Natural resources

September 21, 2021

A panoramic image of a wetland habitat with open water in the foreground and wetland grasses and trees in the background.

Hunters who wanted to hunt in one of Michigan’s managed waterfowl hunting areas, also known as Michigan’s Wetland Wonders, now have a chance to learn about the areas this fall. Open days will be held at several Wetland Wonders sites in September and October.

Events will be held outdoors and will include a driving tour of the area. Participants will be able to tune their vehicle’s radio to hear an introduction and overview of the area before the start of the driving tour. Various stops will be provided along the route to showcase improvements designed to provide excellent habitat for waterfowl and other wetland wildlife. Masks are suggested for tour participants outside of vehicles.

The open houses, each starting at 6 p.m., will be held at the following locations:

Michigan’s Wetland Wonders include the seven waterfowl hunting areas managed by the best in the state. These areas, scattered across the southern Lower Peninsula, were created in the 1960s to provide exceptional waterfowl hunting opportunities and are still managed today to provide waterfowl habitat for nesting and migration and for the benefit of other wild species in wetlands.

Note to editors: An accompanying photo is available for download below. Legend information follows.

Shiawassee River State Hunting Area: The Shiawassee River State Hunting Area, located in Southeast Michigan, is one of the top five managed waterfowl hunting areas in the state to offer open houses / tours this fall.

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