Marinela Memet Flying Ends Bed and Furniture near Selby


A woman knocked over all the furniture in a bedroom in her home to try and beat off bed bugs, York Magistrates’ Court has heard.

Ben Thomas, prosecuting, said the bed, set of drawers and other items were found in a secluded lane in the middle of the North Yorkshire countryside.

Officers from Selby District Council searched the items and found correspondence from Marinela Memet.

Memet’s attorney, Graham Parkin, said she emptied the room and deep-cleaned it after realizing it had bedbugs in it.

She panicked thinking about where to put the furniture and it led to fly dumping.

“She knew she shouldn’t have done it,” he said.

Memet, 34, of Clog Mill Gardens, Selby, pleaded guilty to fly discharge after the council prosecuted her.

York magistrates said the flying tips cost the council “an extremely large sum of money each year”.

She was ordered to pay a total of £530, consisting of a £246 fine, £34 statutory surcharge and £250 prosecution costs.

The board’s senior executive member for health and culture, Cllr Tim Grogan, said. “Disposing of your waste is not tolerated in our neighborhood. Another successful prosecution by the Council sends a clear message that, where possible, we will take action and seek to prosecute dumpster thieves.

“Illegal dumping of rubbish is a blight on the community and a crime, and has a financial impact on the council and therefore on the local taxpayer.

“The hard work of our law enforcement team enabled us to bring this prosecution to a successful conclusion. As a council, we are committed to keeping our neighborhood clean and safe for everyone. »

Mr Thomas, on behalf of the council, told the court he had spent £746.36 on tipping, including the lawsuit.

he was informed on 5 May of Fly Point, which was on Second Common Lane, two and a half miles northwest of Selby by Selby Common.

Once they identified Memet as a suspect, the council struggled to contact her.

After officers managed to reach her, she admitted to being responsible for the dump and apologized.

The council offered her the option of avoiding prosecution by paying a fixed fine of £400 with a discount of £100 if she paid it within 28 days.

But she didn’t pay.

Mr Parkin said Memet wanted to pay the fixed fine.

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