Lewis Hamilton tears up ‘respectable man’s arrangement’ as architect tries to calm Max Verstappen


Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton opens a difficult season for Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton shrugged off F1’s supposed “respectable man’s understanding” during qualifying ahead of Sunday’s final Prix Terrific in Abu Dhabi as he rounded the line past top dog Max Verstappen. The Mercedes pundit has had a hopeless season this term amid issues with his vehicle and finished fifth in the drivers’ title standings ahead of the Central East race.

Drivers are usually hesitant to jump the line during qualifying due to the iconic layout.

Either way, Hamilton didn’t expect to hang on to slower drivers ahead of him towards the end of Q1 as the track became overgrown.

On the final corner, as the slow vehicles left a hole in front of their fast laps, Hamilton and Verstappen both noticed the amount of traffic around them.

In any case, while the Red Bull star opted to stick with the unwritten arrangement, Hamilton hurried forward and started his flying lap.

FIA uses Max Verstappen to legitimize Lewis Hamilton’s penalty pick at Abu Dhabi GP

Lewis Hamilton avoided punishment at the Stupendous Prix Abu Dhabi after FIA stewards used an old Max Verstappen model as a benchmark.

Hamilton passed a rushing AlphaTauri and Haas five minutes after a warning was shown to dump rubbish by Pierre Gasly.

Hamilton’s activities didn’t seem to deter Verstappen, with the Dutchman looking to secure the pit position for Sunday’s race.

The Mercedes expert, meanwhile, completed the qualifying process as the fifth fastest driver.

Hamilton has swamped F1 for quite some time with Mercedes and is the close record joint-champion of incredible driver Michael Schumacher.

The duo have both won seven major confrontations, with Hamilton’s last title due in 2020.

The Briton looked set to claim an uncommon eighth championship last season after leading Verstappen in the Abu Dhabi Amazing Prix of the season in December.

Max Verstappen was not happy with Lewis Hamilton (Picture: Getty)
Yet, following a late welfare vehicle stop, the Dutchman was allowed to close in on his foe for a one-lap shootout when the race restarted and continued to go too far into first position .

After a colder period of the year of F1 guidance changes ahead of the 2022 season, Mercedes has fought back to a triumphant equation this term, with Hamilton and partner George Russell dealing with porpoising issues in many races.

Moreover, the 37-year-old hasn’t had a chance to come out on top in a race all year, despite completing nine platforms.

Once again verstappen, meanwhile, has been in full force this year and secured his second consecutive title by winning the Japanese Terrific Prix around the start of October, with four competitions to go.

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