Kenyans save on construction costs with A-frame house design


Over the past few years, the cost of building homes has increased, brought on by soaring prices for building materials such as cement and metals.

Kenyans are now opting for other alternatives to reduce costs, such as modifying the design of houses and adapting new construction technologies, among other techniques.

A-Frame home designs are among the new innovations that Kenyans are rapidly embracing as the cost of living continues to rise.

The design of the house is famous for its triangular frame, which makes the house look like the letter A.

Workers in a building under construction


Real estate experts indicate that the house is cheaper to build, considering the number of materials required during the construction process.

Talk to Ogutu, an architect based in Nairobi, revealed that house construction costs are saved by the simplicity of the design.

“In most cases, an A-frame house will not have interior walls that divide the house because houses are generally open spaces.

“Building interior house walls can be expensive and you can imagine the money that will be saved by cutting the budget for burning bricks and cement for interior walls,” he said.

However, he said some homeowners prefer interior walls to distinguish different rooms in the house. This, he said, could see the cost increase a bit more.

In terms of building materials, A-frame houses are mostly built with steel and wood as the main building materials. Roofing materials such as iron sheets can then be used to cover the sides of the house.

Depending on the location, from T2 to a two-bedroom house can cost Ksh 2 million and above. Nevertheless, the costs vary depending on the size of the house and the material used.

Another reason many home builders prefer the A-frame design over other conventional home designs is that it is easier to build and takes less time to construct.

“Because of characteristic shape of an A-framethe structure is simply the same framed shape repeatedly along the length of the cabin or house.

An image of an A-Frame house.

An image of an A-Frame house.

HDP consultation.

“Often referred to as extrusion framing, this repetitive framing process allows for faster construction time,” Den, a global architecture firm, said on its website.

The A-frame design is also becoming popular in the Kenyan market in the space it gives for creativity as a home owner can play with the open space.

In addition, the houses are appreciated because of the natural lighting that enters the house, given the inclined positioning of the wall.

Notably, several developers have taken advantage of the iconic designs to build houses for short-term rental, such as Airbnb, among others. House designs are also common in tourist destinations.

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