Katie Brown’s Colorful Connecticut Country Home Tour & Photos

For Katie brown, a bold approach to color has always come naturally. “When I was 11, I had carte blanche to decorate my room. I put a yellow shag rug on the floor and lined the ceiling, ”recalls the newly created TV host, author and decorator. So when she and her family traded in their colorful Brooklyn brownstone for a Connecticut country home around 1900, Brown set out to transform it into an equally vivid setting.

Armed with his trusty paint sample case and a knack for finding thrift store gems, Brown has created pieces that prove just how livable even the most daring color combinations can be. Her family agrees: “When my daughters entertain friends, they are really proud that their home is a big statement! “

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The bold family room palette started with the color of the walls. “I knew I wanted to use my go-to red in the family room – I used it almost everywhere I lived,” says Brown. “And when a friend suggested that I paint the ceiling purple, I thought, why not? My mom had an orange ceiling in our dining room, so I guess I’m used to bright hues. gave the colors to the painter, he called me to ask me if I was wrong!

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Buttercup yellow brightened up the rustic living room. “To me, that sounds like a faded gentry,” says Brown. “I imagine a living room in an old hotel, where everyone gathers for a glass of whiskey. The Drexel chairs were from my brownstone in Brooklyn, and I actually found this rug at a garage sale. You can create a lot of different atmospheres in this room: During the day it’s a cheerful yellow; at night, with the renovation, it’s like a cozy lodge.

In the master bedroom, the decor is “a little more disciplined, but still colorful,” says the designer. “That subtle aquamarine on the ceiling feels so nice when you wake up.” Second-hand furniture, hidden behind a curtain, comes back to life: “The coffee table was my parents’, just like the Baker sofa that I had covered with Crypton fabric. In a big rambling house like this, I like to have little nooks and crannies, so we use a curtain to separate the living room from the bedroom.

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The bright red floor in the guest bedroom was actually a happy accident. “Here’s what I mean when I refer to your house as a conversation: When we hiked up the carpet in the guest bedroom, we discovered a red painted floor underneath, what luck is that?” Brown said. “I love the red against the Pratt & Lambert Vivid electric blue that we used on the walls and ceiling. For the textiles, I chose some sort of Bloomsbury mix of patterns and stripes. I wanted it all to look there. seems to have been there for a long time.

In the bedroom with bunk beds on the third floor, electric paint gives way to a blank canvas. “I went with all white for once, can you believe it?” Brown laughs. “It’s such a bright and sunny space, it’s like you’re in a cloud. My daughters love to throw sleepovers there, and it’s great when my nieces and nephews come to visit me. very competitive to be the best aunt!

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