Kabbani Furniture attracts the public with a mega discount on Cairo billboards | INSITE OOH multimedia platform


Kabbani Furniture recently appeared on billboards in Cairo, aiming to deliver two messages to the public, the first of which is a sale of up to 50%, while the second is an announcement of a new branch.

After nine months without appearing since last campaign, Kabbani Furniture returns with a new promotion spreading a sale up to 50%. The same topic as the last indeed, but the last campaign actually included more offers.

The visuals were perfectly chosen to mimic the prolonged heatwave as they depicted the message that says “summer discounts up to 50%”, with a sea and sand background. Summer can be linked to discounts on furniture because of the preference of Egyptians to marry and thus have their marital home furnished in the summer, would be!

Other billboards have also appeared without any image of a piece of furniture; they chose to hit the bull’s eye instead. He clearly announced the new address, presenting the sign in blue lightly mixed with white while showing the message saying “Kabbani Furniture, now in Sheikh Zayed”, “Tourist Walk, Waslet Dahshur.

More to discover about Kabbani Furniture’s campaigns across the Out-of-home monitoring (MOOH), the analysis system dedicated to media intelligence agencies active in Cairo and Dubai.

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