JuniperMarket launches blog for buyers

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(February 9, 2022) – Hot on the heels of the recent launch of JuniperMarket, a new B2B e-commerce platform powered by IMC, a new JuniperMarket Blog – available at – expands opportunities for buyers to discover and transact with millions of gifts, homes and clothes. resources available in the digital market.

“JuniperMarket lets buyers and sellers connect anytime, anywhere, and now we’re developing editorial content that helps shoppers identify the trending product categories in a way that makes shopping easier,” said Bill Furlong, Juniper CEO. “Ultimately, we believe the blog will help build community and engagement for buyers, which in turn will drive commerce for our sellers.”

The JuniperMarket blog is designed to be a content-rich medium for shoppers with interactive posts linking directly to products available for purchase through the platform. The blog’s topical editorials include links to JuniperMarket products that can either be loaded into online shopping carts for immediate purchase, or saved and shared as favorites via inspiration boards for later review.

JuniperMarket blog content is authored by members of the Juniper team, as well as a host of guests, including influencers, publishers, and other industry thought leaders. The first is creative marketing agency REstyleSOURCE with a dozen themed “SHOP THE STYLE” publications covering trends such as Luxe Life, Mod World, Home for the Holidays, For the Cocktail Connoisseur, Cheers to the New Year and more. . Image-rich themed presentations provide insights into each trend with direct links to buy from JuniperMarket sellers.

Market-related content also amplifies and extends the in-person experience of IMC’s physical markets in Atlanta, Las Vegas and High Point. The blog’s pre-market and post-market coverage allows buyers to take the pulse of the market, learn what’s new and take advantage of special promotions. Additionally, shoppers will see familiar programs such as IMC’s Market Snapshot and Apparel Look Books expanded through the JuniperMarket blog to provide more shopping opportunities.

Exclusive proprietary content also provides cross-market engagement opportunities. Editorials about holidays and business events, such as Mother’s Day or graduations, offer planning information and suggest new merchandise. Product showcases — as a feature on “values-based” brands joining the platform after IMC’s acquisition of Dough — identify relevant brands for mission-driven shoppers. Additionally, the blog will feature groups of sellers offering special incentives and promotions.

The JuniperMarket blog is updated weekly at Buyers can also subscribe to receive email updates.

About Juniper: Juniper is a fully integrated, omnichannel B2B commerce solution and multiline B2B e-commerce marketplace, enabling buyers and sellers to better manage and grow their business across marketplaces and throughout the year. Juniper offers a sales and commerce automation platform (JuniperCommerce) combined with a new multi-line B2B e-commerce marketplace (JuniperMarket) that together strengthen sales teams, streamline product data management, and provide real-time visibility across all channels, driving efficiency and business growth for buyers and sellers. Juniper is powered by International Market Centers (IMC), the world’s largest owner and operator of premier wholesale showroom space for the furniture, home decor, gift and apparel industries , with over 60 years of relationships and experience building scalable wholesale trading platforms. For more information, visit

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