I’m an antique dealer – how your old furniture could be worth hundreds


THE cost of living has gone up, but there are plenty of ways to earn money on the side and increase your income, including furniture.

A number of people have gone into side businesses, some earning thousands more per year.


Brad West revealed five types of furniture that can sell for hundreds

Others earn extra money from the comfort of their homes.

And you can give your bank account a boost by selling old furniture too.

The Sun spoke with Brad West, owner of West Antiques, who revealed five pieces of furniture you might have in your home that could fetch you hundreds.

Brad said: “People buy a lot of ‘trinkets’ and accessories around the house.

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“If these are no longer useful or you have recently revamped your decor, then always look at what they might be worth in order to raise additional funds.”

Of course, if you’re thinking of selling an antique, it’s always worth sprucing it up to make sure it’s in the best condition and will sell for the highest possible price.

Below are a handful of pieces of furniture you can make money from.

Mid-Century Sideboards

Mid-century sideboards are ideal for turning on your TV and usually come with storage space.

If you get the right one, you could win over £1,000.

Brad said: ‘Prices can range from £450 to over £1000 but this is highly dependent on condition, size and in some cases brand.’

When we searched online we found a sideboard on Etsy selling for £845.

Antique desks can sell for £650 or more


Antique desks can sell for £650 or more1 credit


If you’ve been working from home during any stage of the pandemic, you may have spruce up your home office with a new desk.

But if you bought an older one, you could save hundreds, although it will have to be of a certain type.

Brad said mid-century school teachers and 1950s military-style Danish desks have recently proven popular with his clients.

He said: “I recently acquired a mid-century Danish desk for £120 – once I stripped it down and re-polished it I sold it quite quickly for over £650.

“And I probably could have sold it for more.”

Anglepoise lamps can sell for up to £100


Anglepoise lamps can sell for up to £100Credit: document


If you have an old-fashioned lamp lying around the house that is barely used, it can cost upwards of £100.

Brad said classic bankers’ lamps, vintage Bauhaus desk lamps and industrial Anglepoise desk lamps can all change for a pretty penny.

‘I acquired an Anglepoise industrial lamp from a factory for £25, when rewired I sold it for £100,’ he said.

Some types of antique chairs can sell for £400


Some types of antique chairs can sell for £4001 credit


Selling your old chairs can bring you hundreds.

Brad said it doesn’t always matter if there are tears or damage to the fabric either.

“People can always reupholster them to suit their styling needs.

“If you find an armchair, a pair of hall chairs, a desk chair, a lounge chair or a leather swivel or reclining chair that is quirky, classic or simply comfortable (egg chairs are very popular at the moment), do your research and see what kind of prizes you might get.”

Brad also said that pairs of chairs always sell much better.

He added: “A single branded, good condition leather recliner in working order could fetch £300-400, but a pair would bring that figure to around £900 or more.

“Again, it depends on the brand and the condition.”

Some types of coffee tables can cost £250, or even more in some cases


Some types of coffee tables can cost £250, or even more in some cases1 credit

coffee table

Coffee tables are a must-have centerpiece in the living room.

And depending on the design, they can fetch up to £400 if you’re lucky.

Brad said: “G Plan Astro coffee tables can sell for over £250 and £400 in some places, but that’s ambitious.”

“Mid-Century coffee tables are also quite versatile, and some offer extra storage space underneath.”

We found a mid-century Myer two-tier teak coffee table for sale on Etsy for £299.

If you have an old table lying around and gathering dust, Brad advises polishing or waxing it, taking a good photo, and making sure to let the buyer know of any flaws or imperfections.

How do I know if my furniture is worth selling?

If you have items in your house that you think could be exchanged for a lot of money, but you’re not sure, Brad said it’s worth researching.

He said: “Use Google to find out more about your item, the brand or origin, the price other people are selling the item for, and compare its condition to those you find online.

“Evaluate it based on its condition and whether or not someone who buys it will need to do restoration work or not.

“Google Lens is helpful – take a photo of your item and let Lens do the work of researching its details and also finding out how much it might be worth.

“It can also suggest items similar to yours if you happen to have something super rare.

Once you get to the point of establishing if something is worth selling, he said cutting out an antique dealer and going straight to the customer saves you money.

“The price a dealer is willing to pay for your item will rarely be as high as a retail customer is willing to pay because they are buying to restore and resell,” he said.

“However, if selling quickly is more important than getting a good price, selling directly to a reseller is often a good way to make money off of items that take up valuable space.”

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