Hybrid work pattern still prevalent among office workers


Commuting patterns have not returned to pre-COVID levels as organizations continue to offer hybrid work.

Office workers in the world’s seven major economies have embraced hybrid working, with commuting data suggesting commuting to workplaces as of mid-October is still well below pre-pandemic levels .

In Japan footfall was 7% below pre-pandemic levels, while in the UK it was down 24%, according to a Financial Times analysis of phone tracking movements published by Google.

Office trips were most popular on the intermediate days of the week, while Monday and Friday saw steep declines in ridership. Financial and business districts in cities have seen a larger drop in office footfall compared to other major population areas, according to Google data.

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“Working from home will eventually last,” said Cevat Giray Aksoy, an economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. FinancialTimes.

“Workplace-related mobility levels will remain below pre-pandemic levels,” Aksoy said, adding that the big shift to working from home “presents challenges for dense urban centers that are organized to support a large volume of incoming commuters and a high concentration of commercial activity”.

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