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  • Options available from Reyner without upgrades

Because you get an entire house when you move into Moonbury, there are some pretty fun furniture ideas in potions license. Whether you decide to wait until you have a completely remodeled house to decorate, or just want to spruce up your room to make it the nicest space available in your crummy house, all of your goods will be purchased from Reyner au Bulk and Construire.

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Although you start with a roof over your head, it’s a bit of a holey roof. Potion Permit takes some time to upgrade your house and room to a beautiful state, but part of what makes a house a house is the furniture that goes into it.


Options available from Reyner without upgrades

Potion License Reyner's Shop

Your typical Bulk and Build wares are a bit lackluster from the start, but at least they’ll match the rest of your home in theme. There’s a pretty satisfying feeling of being surrounded by junky furniture for the first leg of your journey, and being able to slowly surround yourself with nice things as the game progresses.

Along with your Potion House upgrade and Service upgrade, these pieces of furniture won’t be the only ones available. You don’t need to upgrade your house or neighborhood to get more itemsfortunately, all you have to do is do your duty as a good neighbor and help your fellow citizens.

The first update

potion permit overview glaze iceberg map materials guide

In order to get more items, you’re going to want finish repairing the cable car. The cable car helps you unlock the northern part of the grasslands, Glaze Iceberg. Once done, several stores around Moonbury will start triggering new quests where businesses will want to upgrade, one of them being Bulk and Build.

It may take a few days, but soon after unlocking the northern part of the map, everyone in the city will realize that the tools need to be upgraded and the furniture is lacking. Visiting Reyner once in a while after the cable car quest is complete will soon have you encountering a moody builder as he wants to expand his plans, but he’s just not capable with his current table. Naturally, as generous chemists as we are, we offer to help him get materials that will help Reyner build a better drawing table so that he can come up with better ideas for the future.

For this quest, you will need to collect:

  • 5 Sweet Tasting Sap
  • 10 Sour Taste Sap

The Sweet Taste Sap will be one of your new drops in the Glaze Iceberg region; targeting the thick trees with dark green leaves will fall from time to time Sweet tasting sap once you’ve knocked them down. Sour-tasting sap can be collected from the other type of tree in Glaze Iceberg with orange leaves which are much easier to cut. But they can also be grown in the Meadows if you keep tackling the thick trunks with red maple leaves in the area on the south side of the Meadows, right next to the teleport between the Meadows and the Desert area.

Returning those saps to Reyner will immediately cut him off from repairing his drawing table and offering new furniture options that are much more varied and much nicer.

The second upgrade

potion permit overview arid wasteland materials guide map

If you are always looking for more furniture options, stay tuned because there are more. The final upgrade you can get for the Bulk and Build becomes available shortly after completing the A Plumbing Trouble quest. This quest unlocks the southern area of ​​the Grasslands where the Arid Desert is located. Dropping on the day-to-day Bulk and Build will eventually drop you into a scene where Nova points out that Reynard could use some more updated furniture ideas. Because he complains about the lack of resources, we go to check his things at Ranger’s Station where we take care of picking up his order for him.

For this update you will need:

  • 5 Tasty SAPs
  • 10 Sweet SAPs

Sweet-tasting saps can be found in the same thick-trunked, dark-green-leaved trees you grew in Iceberg Glaze. But the Tasty-tasting saps will be found in the thick-trunked trees that can be found in the southernmost area of ​​the Wasteland.. It will take a few days to collect it all since there are so few, and you might choose not to drop one, but your upgraded tools should speed up the collection.

Make sure you improve your heart capacity before going to the arid deserts. Although there are plenty of enemies you can bypass to reach the trees, there are plenty of powerful enemies around those trees.

Returning these items to Reyner will unlock the full amount of furniture you can purchase from his shop. Upgrading your home will provide you with enough space to put all your fancy duds, but not all of the furniture needs to be accessed.

Furniture Gold Wood Rock
Cheap long table 300 50 30
Cheap Small Table 200 40 25
Basic long table 600 100 60
Small basic table 400 80 50
Wooden chair 1 550 100 45
Wooden chair 2 550 100 45
Blue sofa 1500 250 160
famous painting 1250 150 225
The Unbreakable 1250 150 225
Small green flowerpot 725 50 125
Large green flowerpot 725 50 125
Pink Flower Vase 625 50 125
Basic mat 850 100 50
Bear rug 1500 100 300
Basic wardrobe 2000 350 125
Basic library 2000 350 125
Oil lamp 950 75 225
Green desk lamp 950 75 225
Basic wall light 950 75 225
High quality chair 1 550 100 45
High quality chair 2 550 100 45
red sofa 1500 250 160
purple sofa 1500 250 160
High quality small table 400 80 50
High quality long table 600 100 60
Small closet 400 80 50
Basic light brown rug 850 100 50
Basic White Rug 850 100 50
High quality cabinet 2000 350 125
Library with books 2000 350 125
blue slime 625 50 150
platinum stars 1250 150 225
Artistic wall lamp 950 75 225
sumptuous chandelier 950 75 225
Luxury chair 1 550 100 45
Luxury chair 2 550 100 45
striped sofa 1500 250 160
small luxury table 400 80 50
Luxury long table 600 100 60
Small luxurious closet 400 80 50
Luxury rugs 850 100 50
Kitchen cabinet 1 2000 350 125
Kitchen cabinet 2 2000 350 125
Multiple vases 625 50 150
Big Clock 2500 425 175
stack of books 600 100 90

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