How to Successfully Negotiate a Permanent Work from Home Arrangement


One pitfall you can potentially make when negotiating a permanent work-from-home arrangement is not demonstrating how it could benefit both parties, per CNBC. Negotiations specialist Alexandra Carter told the source that rather than positioning working from home as a personal desire, it’s essential to show how the change could benefit both you and your employer in the end. “Concretely define the problem you’re trying to solve and what you need from the company,” Carter told CNBC.

For example, if you are looking to work from home permanently to spend more time on family needs, present this to your boss as a problem you are trying to solve. Help them understand that by having more schedule flexibility, you can use your time more effectively to be a productive member of your team. “Think about what you really want before you propose,” organizational behavior professor Heidi Brooks told CNBC. “So don’t just do it from your own perspective. Make the case for efficiency, not just personal convenience.”

Carter adds that it’s critical to help your boss understand how your organization as a whole could benefit from working from home, whether through your increased efficiency or collaborative efforts. “Be sure to tie your request together in a way that meets the needs of the business,” Carter told CNBC.

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