How to Buy Furniture in Lonesome Village


At the end of the first chapter of lonely town, Wes receives a house for free as a parting gift from Early the Owl as he leaves Ubhora Village. It belonged to an old friend of his, but it’s yours now, and home ownership is a pass to decorate your space however you want.

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There are a handful of handymen around Ubhora who are able to make new furniture to allow you to customize Wes’ house to your liking. We’ll describe who sells furniture, where to find it, and how many materials you’ll need to craft new items.

Furniture arrangement

lonely village wes and lulu discuss furniture placement

Your first furniture show in Lonesome Village will be from Lulu, wife of Tom Mouse. You can find her standing in front of their house in the Center Village, just to the left of the path that leads to the forest. When you talk to her for the first time after saving her and her husband, she offers to thank you for rescuing her with a piece of furniture. Turns out her husband makes and sells furniture like this in their house.


Lulu follows you home, eager to show you how to arrange your furniture. You won’t get much to start with, but her free table is a solid way to learn the mechanics of arranging your space. Use arrow keys to move items around the grid that includes the main part of your house (unfortunately you can’t change the left area with your supplies), and use space bar to pick up or drop items as you move them. If you no longer wish to display an article, hold it and press E to put it away.

Keep in mind that you cannot rotate furniture, but you will find some that have already been rotated later when you buy it.

Tom’s Furniture In The Village Center

lonely village wes and tom at the village center furniture store

While Lulu was the one who gave you the table, Tom is responsible for its manufacture. He sells a collection of furniture from his house in the Center Village, which is the one Lulu was standing next to near the path to the forest. Tom’s furniture is a simple purchase that requires no materials on your part – you just give him gold, and he gives you furniture.

Unfortunately, his rad cheese items are not for sale…

Furniture Price Furniture Price
Two ceramic pots 35g Two Pots In Brown Earth 35g
dog art 25g Floral art 25g
star art 25g Pink and blue egg art 25g
heart art 25g Dream Catcher 20g
Banner standing 50 grams wall banner 40g
Wall hat rack 50 grams chess piece 75g
Italian flag hanging 35g Rectangular aquarium 100g
Ovular Fish Tank 85g Tea service 50 grams
Teddy bear 35g stuffed elephant 35g
World 100g A potted plant 25g
flower in a vase 45g Three potted plants 30g
wall plants 50 grams

Justin’s Furniture in the Forest

lonely village wes and justin at the carpentry

Although you first meet justin as a simple villager, after helping you repair the bridge to the western part of the forest at the end of chapter one, he returns to his carpentry shop just north of the bridge. Here he sells a catalog of mostly wooden products, and his pieces will require both materials listed and gold to be done.

Justin’s Furniture Crafting Resource Guide

Resource Material required Cost
Boards 5 dark logs 5g
Rod 4 twigs 3g
composite wood 3 dark logs, 3 light logs, 3 greenish logs 20g

Justin’s Furniture Catalog

Furniture Resources required Price
cogs 2 planks, 3 rods, 5 dark logs, 5 light logs 50 grams
Small car 2 composite wood, 3 rods 25g
Blue Single Bed 3 planks, 5 rods, 5 dark logs 40g
Purple Single Bed 3 planks, 5 rods, 5 light logs 40g
Green single bed 3 planks, 5 rods, greenish logs 40g
Square table 2 planks, 3 rods, 5 dark logs, 5 twigs 25g
Round table 2 boards, 3 rods, 5 light logs, 5 twigs 25g
Round table with metal legs 2 planks, 3 rods, 5 greenish logs, 5 twigs 25g
Rounded drawer 3 planks, 5 dark logs 25g
Two Tier Rectangular Drawers 3 planks, 5 light logs 25g
Rectangular drawer 3 planks, 5 greenish logs 25g
Reddish wooden chair 3 stems, 5 twigs, 5 dark logs 30g
Blue Cushion Stool 3 stems, 5 twigs, 5 light logs 30g
Lighter wooden chair 3 stems, 5 twigs, 5 greenish logs 30g
Yellow Double Bed Blue single bed, 5 composite wood, 10 dark logs 50 grams
Pink Double Bed Purple single bed, 5 composite wood, 10 luminous logs 50 grams
Red Double Bed Green single bed, 5 composite wood, 10 greenish logs 50 grams
Console Table With Purple Fabric Square table, 1 composite wood, 3 rods, 5 dark logs 70g
Long side table Round Table, 1 Composite Wood, 3 Rods, 5 Light Logs 70g
wooden desk Round table with metal legs, 1 composite wood, 3 rods, 5 greenish logs 70g
Wooden high chest of drawers Rounded drawer, 5 planks, 3 rods, 5 dark logs 45g
Reddish ornate chest of drawers Rectangular two-tier drawers, 5 planks, 3 rods, 5 light logs 45g
Reddish rectangular chest of drawers Rectangular drawer, 5 planks, 3 rods, 5 greenish logs 45g
Purple upholstered bench Reddish wood chair, 5 rods, 1 composite wood, 10 dark logs 55g
Blue sofa on the side Blue cushion stool, 5 rods, 1 composite wood, 10 dark logs 55g
Pink floral sofa Lighter wooden chair, 5 rods, 1 composite wood, 10 greenish logs 55g

Roger’s Furniture In The Forest

lonely village wes and roger at the painter's shop

However you don’t unlock Roger the traditional way that frees the tower, you still have to find him before he sells you anything. To bring it to Ubhora, you must complete the lever puzzle on the west side of the beach next to the lighthouse. The levers will all reset if you mess up even one.

Don’t worry, here is the solution to the puzzle, if the left lever is 1 and the right lever is 6: 3, 1, 6, 2, 4, 5.

After flipping the levers in that order, the lighthouse comes back on and Roger is finally able to sail his rowboat to the beach dock. He goes home from there to his house in the forest, among which he sells his paintings. They’re mostly fun versions of classic pieces, and they can be yours in exchange for gold.

You can’t buy every painting once. As tempting as it is to fill your home with the Creation of Adam animal painting for the meme, tragically, it’s one per customer here.

Roger’s Paintings

Furniture Price
Starry Night 600g
The screaming frog 350g
Colored oval 250g
Mona Lisa cat 450g
Japanese style branches 600g
Adam’s animal creation 999g
The pig with the pearl 350g
Decorated Stag Officer 250g
Bird hugs 500g
The Great Wave off Kanagawa 999g

Robert Furniture In The Mountain

lonely village wes and robert at the blacksmith shop in the mountain

The local blacksmith, Robert, is a massive help to you from the second you first speak to him outside of his blacksmith’s workshop in the Mountain. It tells you that the local mine is blocked and gives you the deck you have to break the rock blocking the way.

Inside, not only do you find the characters essential to chapter two’s plot progression, but you also find several boulders like the ones blocking the mines you are as well. able to break resources: stone, iron bars, and gold ingots.

Like justin, Robert needs both materials and gold before he makes your furniture. Additionally, note that it sells a “basic” version of each piece, as well as a larger version. To make the biggest item, the “basic” item will be requested in addition to the materials, so plan accordingly. Robert also uses a lot of iron and gold ingots, which can be obtained from rocks in the mines.

Another precious object of Robert is the golden pickaxe, the tool capable of breaking precious stones. To find the handle you need, talk to moles who gave you back the earthquake song and complete his request then bring the coin and materials we will list below to Robert to get your upgrade.

Robert’s Furniture Making Resource Guide

Resource Material required Cost
metal sheets 3 iron bars 5g
round rock 3 Stone 5g
iron rock 3 iron bars, 3 stones 10g

Robert’s Furniture Catalog

Furniture Resources required Price
crossed swords 2 metal sheets, 1 iron stone 50 grams
Hylian Shield 2 sheets, 2 round stones, 5 iron bars 50 grams
robot toy 2 round stones, 3 metal sheets 35g
Cross tools 2 round stones, 2 metal sheets, 5 iron bars 50 grams
Small Fireplace 1 round rock, 3 stones 25g
Large Fireplace Small fireplace, 3 round stones, 2 sheets 50 grams
Hanging coat rack 3 sheets of metal, 5 iron bars 25g
Standing coat rack Hanging coat rack, 1 iron stone, 2 metal sheets, 2 round stones 55g
hourglass 2 iron stones, 3 iron ingots, 3 gold ingots 35g
Awakening Hourglass, 2 iron stones, 3 metal sheets, 2 round stones 40g
Lamp 2 sheets of metal, 3 gold bars 25g
glass lamp Lamp, 3 iron stones, 5 gold bars 40g
small shelf 5 iron bars, 2 iron stones 35g
large shelf Small shelf, 5 iron bars, 2 sheets 50 grams
Standard wall shelves 5 stones, 3 rounded stones 15g
Step-shaped wall shelves Standard wall shelves, 3 rounded stones, 2 iron stones 35g
A pitcher statue 10 stones, 2 rounded stones 25g
Statue of two pitchers A pitcher statue, 3 iron stones, 5 gold bars 60g
small library 3 round stones, 5 iron bars 35g
large library Small library, 3 rounded rocks, 2 iron rocks 50 grams
Simple dining table 5 iron bars, 3 rounded rocks 20g
Cloud shaped dining table Simple dining table, 2 metal sheets, 3 rounded stones, 1 iron stone 45g
Side table 3 rounded rocks, 3 metal sheets 25g
Low table Side table, 4 rounded rocks, 2 iron rocks 40g
Golden pickaxe 1 pickaxe, 1 gold pickaxe handle, 10 gold bars and 3 metal sheets 50 grams

Morton Furniture In The Marais

lonely village wes and morton at the music store in the swamp

Although you can’t take real music lessons with him, Morton is a virtuoso who sells music themed furniture for your home from his shop southern part of the swamp. It’s the one north of the hippos with an instrument on the front.

Robert’s Furniture Catalog

Furniture Price
Gramophone 100g
Side-facing piano 250g
Piano with trophies on it 350g
Music Note Wall Art 50 grams
Sheet Music Charts 25g
small guitar 75g

Unfortunately, the instruments are not musical.

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