How a personalized payment solution can help you grow your retail business

At a time when a record 70,000 Americans are renovating their homes, furniture and home improvement retailers have a significant opportunity to win new customers, increase brand loyalty and grow their bottom line.

However, effectively seizing this opportunity is entirely dependent on the retailer’s ability to eliminate friction throughout the customer journey.

Businesses need to make it easy for customers to find the product they want and complete the purchase. This is especially true for big-ticket items like furniture, home improvement products, and luxury electronics, all of which can generate shopping anxiety that must be overcome quickly to win the sale.

Fortunately, a versatile payment solution like Citizens Pay can help make shopping easier for your customers and grow your business in the process.

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Personalized payment solutions are the future of shopping

Today, it’s rare to make a purchase without seeing the logo of one of the many fintech “Buy Now, Pay Later” offering payment plans at checkout. However, there is an innate inflexibility in the value these payment providers can offer retailers.

This is due to their overreliance on a single funding model which is then applied to all products across all channels, whether it makes sense for your business or your customers. On the other hand, sophisticated payment solutions like Citizens Pay offer full customization that allows businesses to tailor payment options not just across categories, but to individual products.

Citizens Pay’s fully configurable financing solution makes it easy for your customers to buy what they want, when they want it. With a wide range of financing options such as 0% APR, Low APR, Same As Cash, and unlimited repayment terms, retailers can create personalized payment offers for each of the products they sell.

Citizens pay

Maximizing customer acquisition and cultivating brand loyalty are key to growth

The importance of customer loyalty is beyond doubt. For many retailers, the ability to build customer loyalty is what determines whether they can achieve their long-term growth goals.

Simply having superior merchandise or an expert sales team is not enough to build customer loyalty. Businesses also need to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience if they want to retain customers.

A key first step to achieving this is to make customers feel comfortable and confident when shopping, especially for larger or more complex purchases. Businesses that can break down barriers quickly and provide easy payment solutions for big purchases, like furniture or home improvement products, will win those customers every time.

Unfortunately, most financial institutions don’t offer the simple payment solutions that consumers want. Instead, it’s common for payment solution providers to ask customers to complete new funding applications for every purchase they make. By treating a customer as a new, unfamiliar customer when they make a repeat purchase, retailers lose the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship and deepen customer loyalty.

Citizens Pay, on the other hand, offers a simple and seamless payment experience that recognizes existing customers and makes it easier for them to make repeat purchases. Once a customer is approved for Citizens Pay financing, their line of credit remains open for future purchases. From a marketing perspective, Citizens Pay’s open line of credit product also allows retailers to encourage repeat purchases by promoting remaining available credit.

Citizens Pay’s POS financing solution works equally well across all sales channels – in-store, online, over the phone and even at home.

Citizens pay

How citizens pay helps drive long-term growth

Backed by the strength and credibility of a leading national bank – Citizens™ – Citizens Pay leverages its extensive experience in administering credits, loans, HELOCs and other consumer credit products to create solutions that can be easily integrated into any retail environment and customized for any use case.

Unlike non-bank fintechs in the BNPL space, Citizens Pay is a responsible lender that assesses a customer’s ability to pay before approving an account. Additionally, Citizens Pay is already fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.

It is for these reasons, along with its proven ability to create a positive end-to-end customer experience, that Citizens Pay is BNPL’s premier solution for businesses focused on using innovative POS financing to fuel growth at long term.

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