Government to issue ‘0+7’ quarantine agreement next week: source


Hong Kong will announce at the earliest next week the cancellation of hotel quarantine for inbound travelers to seven days of self-monitoring instead, a source said.

The new “0+7” format is expected to be announced next week, the source said.

It is also learned that the government is also reviewing the cancellation of requirements which ask arrivals to provide their negative Covid test results before they are on board. Instead, travelers only need to take the Covid test upon arrival at the airport.

Provisions will also be spared for new arrivals in hotel quarantine due to the current ‘3+4’ format when the new arrangement is launched, such as allowing them to leave hotels accordingly.

Currently, arrivals must pay for three days in a hotel and follow that with four days of self-checking. The new rules will abolish the need for arrivals from abroad to quarantine in designated hotels. Residents will be able to go straight home and self-monitor for seven days.

At Tuesday morning’s press conference, Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu said the city would “actively connect with the world to enable an orderly opening,” including easing the mandatory hotel quarantine.

Hong Kong still bans public groups of more than four people, and masks are mandatory, even for children as young as two.

(Journalist and Reuters)

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