Flexible work package to be the default arrangement in Australia

Homeworking would continue to be part of the way the public service operates in the future, said public service commissioner

Flexible working will continue to be part of working arrangements in the future, said Australian Civil Service Commissioner Peter Woolcott.

“What was shown during COVID is that we were able to work flexibly and remotely on a large scale. The technology rose, the system rose and it was a huge tribute to public service, ”he said when launching a report on the state of the Australian public service, according to Mandarin.

He added that working from home will continue to be a part of the way the civil service operates in the future and that the workforce is unlikely to return to pre-pandemic working methods.

“So much has happened to change the culture and the way we think about work; especially at the management level. I would be surprised if we went back to old ways, ”Woolcott said.

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However, he noted that it was appropriate for individual agencies to be given autonomy to achieve the right flexibility of the workforce. “We are such a disparate set of agencies that we cannot define a rule that applies to all agencies. “

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