Flexible atmosphere, flexible furniture, flexible living with Ikea making its Dubai billboard debut | INSITE OOH multimedia platform


Following the very recent IKEA July campaign for practical storage from IKEA, Ikeaone of the most recognized furniture brands of all time, has once again polished the outdoor advertising scene, this time creating a space that people can adapt to as their family’s needs change.

A comfortable home that suits every member of the family, that’s what Ikea is aiming for. This ad copy highlights several from IKEA’s flexible collection. The interior designers at Ikea have ensured that home storage is never an issue. Of course, this has always been a challenge, no matter the size of a house, but it takes a bit more creativity when you don’t have a lot of space. In this apartment, almost all the storage is hidden, to keep the rooms as unobstructed as possible. As for the living room and the dining room, they are the hot spot of the family. This means that the bedroom becomes a place for more than rest. This is where parents work, follow social networks and watch their favorite series after posting a “Vimile” which is a 3-seater sofa with chaise longue for 4,345 DHS.

As for the workspace, Ikea made sure there was a desk that works at all levels, “Bekant” which is a sit-stand desk for DHS 2,495 allowing you to change positions during the working day and keeping the body moving.

The campaign hit Dubai billboards in the form of hoarding boards.

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