Fine Gael councilors submit motion for Dublin to strike ‘twinning’ deal with Kyiv

Dublin City Council’s Fine Gael Councilors are seeking to twin Dublin with the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Culminating ahead of tomorrow’s vote, Fine Gael councilor James Geoghegan said the origin of twinning historically across Europe was to mend post-World War II relationships between European towns.

“This may be one of the last opportunities, but hopefully not, for Dublin to twin with a free and independent Kyiv.

“We have a chance to show Ukrainians abroad, and at home, the deep ties our people want to have with our fellow Europeans who are fighting to protect the freedoms we all enjoy.”

Dublin is currently twinned with Beijing in China and has an informal agreement with Saint Petersburg in Russia.

The twinning with Kyiv is another step “to cement the bond between our two European nations”, said Cllr Geoghegan.

Cllr Ray McAdam said he hoped the twinning of Dublin and Kyiv would create the basis to help them rebuild once the war was over.

“Let’s hope that other European capitals could follow suit so that cities as well as countries can work together to help the people of Ukraine.”

Lord Mayor Alison Gilliland accepted the emergency motion from Fine Gael councilors on Friday, and it will now be voted on at Dublin City Council’s monthly meeting at Mansion House on Monday evening.

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