Employees should have the freedom to choose how they organize their work: says Dell CEO


Amid intense debate over future work culture, Dell CEO has spoken his mind

As sectors and industries around the world are heavily involved in the post-pandemic workplace debate, CEO and President of US tech giant Dell Michael Saul Dell has underscored the freedom employees should have of their respective companies to choose whether they want to work from home, work in the office or want to go into hybrid mode. In one of the blogs he posted on LinkedIn, he shared his views on this. More than 5,000 people have already reacted to its publication on the platform, with more than 500 shares and more than 180 comments.

In the blog, Dell wrote “In my experience, if you rely on forced hours spent in a traditional office to create collaboration and a sense of belonging within your organization, you are wrong”, in a recent study by Dell About 80% of Technologies’ 10,500 employees worldwide believe that letting go of everyone working in an office will create a more inclusive work environment. He also mentioned in the blog that the remote mode gives employees enough space to work and focus on other aspects of life.

The CEO also claimed that in his company, 65% of people had leverage to work remotely even before 2020, The blog further added “We realized that one size does not fit all and away from focusing on where our team members are working for what they need to do and making sure they have the right tools, support and technology to do it.” He asked the companies to focus on their organizational goals and also told them to remind their team that their actions matter to the world.

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