DirecTV Considering ‘Co-Exclusive’ Arrangement For NFL Sunday Ticket

Will Tom Brady really retire? Where is Jimmy Garoppolo going? What will happen with NFL Sunday Ticket after next season?

Yes indeed, with the Super Bowl finally behind us and all of the NFL’s attention now on next season, the fate of the league’s venerable – and expensive – off-market green fee package is a matter of discussion. burning, even with experts. like Peter King, normally focused on player trades and free agent signings, weighing in over the weekend.

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DirecTV’s $1.5 billion per season rights deal for NFL Sunday Ticket expires after the upcoming 2022 season. DirecTV has been the exclusive home of the live sports add-on package since its inception in the mid-1990s, and l he general assumption has been that the pay-TV operator will not renew for a new license agreement, which could be up to five times more expensive.

The NFL has reportedly spoken to Apple and Amazon, among other deeper-pocketed, more digitally-focused companies, about supporting NFL Sunday Ticket. But DirecTV could play a role in a more diverse future distribution paradigm for the package.

Citing a source with “knowledge of the dynamic,” King said the league would “sell the entire package to a technology company” for up to $7.5 million per season.

King added that the NFL “could sever the rights to the satellite to be sold only to (usually very rural) consumers who don’t have access to the kind of internet service needed for reliable streaming. It could be DirecTV, it could be Dish Network , it could be both, and it could be neither.”

Meanwhile, talking to CNETDirecTV chief content officer Rob Thun said he could also envision a relationship in which his satellite television team shares NFL Sunday Ticket rights with a streaming provider.

“I do not think so [the NFL is] interested in an exclusive relationship beyond the term of our underlying agreement,” Thun said. “And what form the license takes with one or more partners is still undetermined, and we’ll see how that plays out.

The league, Thun added, may be interested in a “co-exclusive” deal.

“They understand that the money still largely comes from the traditional TV bill, the pay TV doors, and they don’t want to close the door on that completely,” Thun said.

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