Couple’s sleeping arrangement sparks conversation on TikTok


A couple’s sleeping arrangement has TikTokers talking about the unusual setup.

TikToker @carsynvsoto posted a tour of her bedroom and her boyfriend’s bedroom. No, they don’t live in separate houses. The couple cohabit, but each wanted their own refuge at home. The perfect compromise was to have separate bedrooms.

“When you and your boyfriend finally move in together and want separate bedrooms so you can still have your own space and decorate however you want,” the caption read.

The video showed @carsynvsot’s bedroom full of warm neutral tones, plants and chic decor. Then he moved on to his boyfriend’s space: a cave of blue men with a different energy.

The video has racked up 2.7 million views. People in the comments section were excited about the choice, although some weren’t sure if their partners would be up for it.

“I can’t wait to have separate bedrooms. my partner thinks it’s out of spite. I’m working on it, I have a few years before I buy a house to convince him, ”added another.

“I used to think it was weird until I moved in with mine. Sir, I need you to move into the next room,” someone added.

“I don’t know why people hate it, if you want separate bedrooms, then cool! If you want a bedroom, cool too!” said one user.

“Tbh that’s great. Sleepovers in each other’s rooms but still your own space!” one person commented.

“My husband and I have separate spaces to decorate and be ourselves while having a shared bedroom to sleep in. Our bedroom is bland because we sleep,” one TikToker replied.

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