Case study: Brosa creates a new online furniture shopping experience – Technology – ERP

The Brosa online furniture store was created to help customers have a better online experience to buy bespoke pieces for their home.

Brosa is online but also has two showrooms, in Melbourne and Sydney, allowing customers to experience products in person to help them decide what to buy.

Ivan Lim, CEO of Brosa co-founder, said he sees two big problems faced by customers when buying home furniture, the accessibility of affordable beautiful furniture and the painful process of buying furniture. in line.

“The first bucket of problems was that if you didn’t want the same IKEA sofa as all your friends, but you didn’t want to spend $12,000 on the sofa, there was a lack of beautiful accessible furniture designs,” said he declared.

Lim said the second bucket recognizes that buying furniture is this “incredibly painful, high-friction cognitive load process.”

“I was buying all these other product categories like shoes and pants, admittedly different product categories, but they were being sold by digital native and tech companies and the experiences were seamless. I thought why can’t buying a sofa be so easy? »

By creating a customer ERP system and tracking system, Lim said he wanted to remove common barriers that customers face when buying furniture online.

Brosa’s first ERP software was Google Sheet, then slowly built with additional plugins, according to Lim. Over time, Lim said Brosa’s team could solve many problems that customers face through technology.

“Not only are you helping to create something more bespoke for a direct-to-consumer experience, where you want to give transparency to customers, but also customers are really craving that kind of digital approach,” he said. -he declares.

Brosa is a technology-driven company, but not just with e-commerce, Lim said he wants technology to be the infrastructure of the company.

“It’s almost the rails by which you build the whole company. That’s what we’ve been focused on from the start, not just building the customer-facing stuff, but also building the core technology infrastructure, which helps us do things more efficiently, at a large scale. scale and deliver a better customer experience,” he said.

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