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“The Granary” at Jerusalem Road, Suva.

Fiji-born and New Zealander Vivienne Wade saw a potential business opportunity in refurbished furniture, which prompted her to start a business.

What started as a small online business during COVID-19 turned into a full-time business as Wade opened his refurbished furniture and home decor store “The Attic” in Jerusalem Road, Suva.

Wade says it’s his passion to collect quality items.

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Vivienne Wade

“There was a lot of stuff available overseas that I didn’t see here, even though Fiji was growing, but I was really excited about different potential businesses and had to identify one that appealed to me. Interested by passion that I had and home furnishings, home furnishings have always been something that I appreciate.

She adds that her company promotes a healthy environment since all products are reusable and recyclable.

“Globally more and more people are becoming aware of environmental factors, climate change is now a hot topic and it should be, people are kind of aware of recycling and reusing things, it’s redirecting things and I haven’t seen a lot of that happening in Fiji and they now use the clothing store as a big industry but I haven’t seen too much second hand furnishings”

She adds that more than $30,000 has been invested in the new business.

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