9 James Bond-Approved Furniture to Bring 007’s Mid-Century Luxury Home


Rarely have we seen the interior of James Bond’s apartment. It’s not a big surprise when you spend as much time galloping as 007. Bond’s apartment (in the Chelsea district, according to the novels), appears on screen three times, in Dr. No, Live and Let Die and Spectrum – and even then only briefly.

It’s interesting that there’s been such an absence of Bond’s own space in the many films released since 1962, because set design – and by extension, interior design – is as important a part of the Bond franchise as the Aston Martin DB5 and Omega Seamaster Diver 300m.

Consider, if you will, the lair of the James Bond villain. Often cavernous spaces embedded in natural phenomena — volcanoes (you only live twice), submarine (Dr. No), part of an entire island (no time to die) — these are houses that put grand designs to shame. Grand as cathedrals and lavishly decorated with the finest examples of furniture and design, the Austin Powers the movies took a rare misstep when they portrayed Dr. Evil’s lair in largely clinical terms, as whether he’s visiting a woman or awaiting death in the clutch of a monomaniac, James Bond is always surrounded by beauty.

This relentless aesthetic is a big reason the James Bond franchise has lasted so long, and a big part of the fun of rewatching past movies. The clothes, the gadgets, the cars: everything in the world of Bond is made by design titans, including the furniture.

How to make a house inspired by James Bond

Even as the franchise moved past the sixties, set designers continued to favor mid-century modern interior design, partly because of a desire to pay homage to the inner world of Sean Connery’s Bond, but also because the aesthetic perfectly portrays the sumptuousness of the character’s international friends and foes.

In addition to creating luxury consistency across all 25 films, this pedigree makes it much easier to model your own home on the work of Eon’s 1960s designers. From the smallest touches like sable sconces and silk pillowcases to larger additions like leather sofas and mahogany bars, there’s always plenty available to transform your space into a place to go. Ernst Stavro Blofeld would be proud to settle down. Here we’ve chosen nine pieces you can buy now to celebrate the lavishness of the James Bond cinematic universe.

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