5 best Minecraft house design plans for beginners

With so much content, inspiration for Minecraft houses can be hard to come by. This is especially true for beginners who may not be familiar with most of the game’s mechanics.

While it is relatively easy to build a basic house on the fly in Minecraft, a simple blueprint can go a long way and can allow even beginners to build something beautiful.

This guide will explore 5 amazing house designs that are perfect for Minecraft newbies due to their ease of construction and relatively cheap material costs.

Minecraft: 5 Ideal House Designs That Require Minimum Resources and Effort

5) Starter Survival House

This is an excellent Minecraft survival house designed by popular YouTuber “Heyimrobby”. The design consists of 2 floors and intelligently uses all available space to provide a surprisingly vast amount of storage and cooking capacity.

The materials for this house are also very inexpensive, requiring mostly lumber and cobblestones. Overall, these blueprint designs are a solid choice for any Minecraft newbie looking for a starter home.

4) Large wooden survival house

In this video tutorial, Minecraft YouTuber RainbowGamerPE presents blueprints for a fairly large wooden survival house.

This design is perfect for those who are at the beginning or midpoint of their survival experience. Something unique about this build is that it includes an interior farm, which makes harvesting food extremely convenient.

3) Comfortable survival cottage

Here, Minecraft YouTuber Jolee documents how to build a cozy survival cabin. Although the chalet is quite large, it still has an extremely warm atmosphere.

The large amount of space makes this particular build a perfect choice for a common survival world or when playing Minecraft survival servers with friends.

2) Starter house with greenhouse

The plan, presented by builder Minecraft and YouTuber “Dio Rods,” details a starter house with a connected greenhouse attached to its side.

Although the greenhouse offers little functional use, it does provide players with a pleasing aesthetic. In terms of building materials, this house is very beginner friendly and almost all of its necessary resources can be acquired easily.

1) Stone house for beginners

Beautiful and functional, this Minecraft house designed by YouTuber “LennyRandom” is one of the best choices for beginners.

Its functional yet sturdy design will provide excellent protection from the elements and also provide better climbing plant blast protection compared to other log home designs on this list.

The most important thing for beginners is that this house design is not only beautiful, but also inexpensive. Using cobblestones, players will have a hard time coming up with plans for something that looks this good with such a low resource cost.

These plans will go a long way in providing a warm and comfortable home for players. With solid foundations and protective walls, these homes are more than capable of getting the job done.

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