3D house design: 8 best online three-dimensional house plan apps, software and tools

3D home design software is a great way for all interested parties – designers, architects and builders, as well as homeowners and their friends – to preview new homes or renovations before they even start.

Offering speed, flexibility and ease of use, these 3D House plans don’t just provide all of these players with a previously impossible opportunity to decide whether or not they like what they see before committing to it.

This makes it a great marketing tool. On top of that, they also offer specifiers and industry professionals the ability to avoid mistakes and problems before they happen.

How does House Design 3D work?

Similar to tools used in the film industry, 3D House Design software integrates sophisticated lighting, camera and rendering techniques, as well as elements such as HTML, to provide realistic 3D representations of rooms and buildings.

In addition, the representations produced by the average 3D House Design application are based on 2D architectural, structural, civil and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) drawings, etc. Therefore, they can be used to present spatial details and materials accurately in three-dimensional representations.

They help specifiers identify a range of common issues before building or converting their homes. These include dimensional differences between the engineering trusses and the architectural drawing; roofing problems that are not apparent in a 2D drawing; incorrect or problematic placement of plumbing and HVAC; and the presence of load-bearing walls, point loads and continuous loads without support below.

This ability to predict problems before they even arise translates into real savings in time and money. 3D House Design software enhances and simplifies communication between engineers, builders, architects, designers, contractors, site crews and all other interested parties and helps ensure that everyone is on the same length of time. wave before construction begins. He is able to convert problems into solutions.

How Much Does 3D Home Design Software Cost?

There are many 3D house design software available in different versions at different prices, and there is also free 3D house design software available. In fact, many tools are available in free versions of 3D house design software, as well as more complex versions for professional designers and architects. At the high end, you can expect to pay up to $ 500 per year for a subscription. Most tools offer a free trial period before committing to purchase.

Some of the best 3D home design software


1. SketchUp

Available in a free version of the 3D house design software for homeowners and hobbyists and two paid versions for industry professionals, SketchUp is one of the most popular 3D house design apps on the market. With its advanced 3D modeling feature, it really makes you feel like you are walking around a real house. Its main features include simple click-and-release mouse control, preloaded models, and the ability to export all 3D house plans as PDF, images and CAD files.

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2. Floor planner

3D house design online

A simple online tool that does not require a download, Floor planner offers both 2D and 3D functionality. In 2D mode, its strength lies in its ability to help with floor planning tasks. Once this floor plan is complete and to your liking, simply switch to 3D to continue decorating your space. A great package for the home renovator to create 3D house plans.

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3. RoomScan Pro

This 3D house design app offers three ways to create a floor plan. Users can “touch the walls”, use the camera, or draw their own map. Add to that a bluetooth laser measurement for increased accuracy, plus augmented reality scanning and the ability to scan the exterior of buildings, yards and gardens with “ExteriorScan” and “PlotScan”, and you have a room. very useful and user-friendly 3D Home Design Software.

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interior design professional

4. Professional Home Designer

Home Designer Professional is the complete home design solution for the enthusiastic DIY enthusiast. With an array of features such as an intuitive interface; tools for interior decoration, bedroom renovation, outdoor living and cost estimation; and an extensive object library, this 3D home design app offers near total control over building plans. It is suitable for everything from a single bedroom to the design of an entire home. Other features include the ability to customize watermarks, live layout views, labeled captions, and rotation and inversion planes.

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5d planner

5. 5D planner

3D house design online

An immersive design tool, Planner 5D provides 3D and 2D views of house designs (hence the name). Users have the choice of starting their designs from scratch or using one of the more than 4000 items in the catalog. Because this software works on an iOS basis, it can also be used on smartphones and tablets. You can choose your own color and texture for all parts of your design and then print your design in a photorealistic format.

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first chief architect

6. Premier Chief Architect

A comprehensive 3D home design software tool, Chief Architect Premier is primarily suitable for the professional market. With excellent 3D viewing and rendering capabilities, this software allows users to create 360 ​​degree spherical views and store them in the cloud or embed them into websites for viewing. It is suitable for residential and light commercial architectural work of all types. It can be used for rendering everything from your standard walls and roofs to HVAC systems and electrical systems. In short, it is one of the most sophisticated 3D house design products on the market.

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smart draw

7. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a 3D home design software tool suitable for everyone from enthusiastic DIY enthusiasts to industry professionals. Its features include the ability to create and edit diagrams, as well as create a wide range of useful visuals such as flowcharts, flowcharts, mind maps, project flowcharts, and more. It comes with thousands of templates and examples to help designers with their ideas.

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3d space designer

8. 3D space designer

3D house design online

Another awesome 3D house design web application, Space Designer 3D allows users to render their 2D and 3D ideas in real time. It is suitable for commercial and residential projects and includes a library of over 5,000 pieces of furniture and materials. In addition, Space Designer 3D allows you to work on different versions of the same project simultaneously and switch from one version to another as you wish. This offers a lot of possibilities to create exactly what you want.

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