10 modern home design ideas that look stunning

Sky is the limit when it comes to designing houses and bases in Minecraft. With each new update, materials and blocks are introduced into the game, allowing players to let their imaginations run wild and get creative. In addition, whether one prefers survival mode or creative mode, construction is simply an essential part of Minecraft.

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Sometimes the abundance of blocks, designs, and ideas can get overwhelming. Or maybe the constant creation of traditional homes is starting to get tedious. In this case, the modern house is a great alternative. For gamers who don’t know where to start, take a look at these gorgeous Minecraft built.

Slanted Desert House


Building in the desert is a challenge that few Minecraft players choose to take on. The environment just isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as in other biomes, and it’s not the best choice for survival due to scarce resources like timber and livestock. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to create a cool modern build in a desert biome. In fact, one could argue that modern houses are the best of desert biomes because of their airy, simple, and minimalist appearance. This modern house with a slanted roof built on the sand by pqroxysm on Reddit is as pleasant outside as it is inside, with lots of natural light.

The Grand Manor


Players who aren’t afraid to take on bigger builds should try building a grand mansion at least once in their Minecraft career. It’s a long task that requires grinding resources, if playing in survival mode, but it’s well worth it. This absolutely massive mansion created by symphonyStarcraft on Reddit showcases everything great about modern construction. Glass and white concrete clash well against the lush green jungle biome background. And of course the pool is just amazing with shaders.

Black and white with gardens


Given Minecraft’s otherwise so traditional style, it can be difficult to find solutions to where grow areas and storage systems are located. However, even with modern versions, it is possible to integrate the more medieval RPG-style features of Minecraft into a cohesive whole.

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Build a medium sized black and white mansion like UltraTyrannomax on Reddit fact, with the farmhouse disguised as a sort of garden is one of the answers to the problem. Wheat and pumpkins are a perfect match.

Wood meets concrete mansion


New builders might think that modern construction is based on just one material: concrete. However, it is perfectly possible to combine several different types of materials. Additionally, if concrete is not available, it can often be replaced with quartz blocks if the player can afford it. Reddit user MiguePlayz22 combines several types of blocks in its design seamlessly. There is concrete, quartz, glass and even wood, a material that is not normally used in modern construction. Ultimately, you can play around with different patterns and blocks, even trying to create something minimalist.

Unique dark gray house


There is one common feature that tends to be prevalent in almost all modern construction: white concrete or white blocks in general. However, sometimes white blocks or materials are just not available. This does not mean that creating a modern home is impossible. Having a dark color like this dark gray concrete as the main color gives a modern building a more unique look and more personality. Don’t be afraid to change the main build color to something different just like iKerbit on Reddit made in this fantastic design.

The ultimate modern island base


When planning a house in Minecraft, finding the right location is absolutely essential. A good place can completely change the look of a house, simply because of its beautiful and aesthetic surroundings. This is exactly what makes this modern Minecraft mansion base so incredibly good.

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Reddit user lemonskev were persuaded by their children to try Minecraft, and this base is the result. It not only has everything one could hope for in a survival base, but also a cool infinity pool overlooking the surrounding nature.

Modern waterfront


Speaking of choosing the best environment, having water nearby is a great addition to any modern home. There’s just something incredibly special about connecting with water, which in Minecraft makes it easy to transport by boat or fish for food and treasure. With the shaders turned on, the water also looks amazingly good. It definitely complements this simple yet beautifully designed modern quartz build by Reddit user TwentyCharactersL0ng. The most unique part has to be the quartz deck serving as the entrance to an open living room.

Modern house with interior garden


As mentioned earlier, modern constructions generally use a lot of glass and concrete. However, at the start of the game, these resources are a bit expensive to find. Don’t worry, though, because wood also works great as the main building element of a beautiful, modern home. This ingenious design mainly in wood created by Reddit user OtamaTheWorld has an adorable greenhouse in the middle, giving it its signature modern look. That, and the variation of dark oak and acacia wood, and the pillars laid out next to each other.

The submarine base


Underwater houses aren’t a classic choice for the start of the game in Minecraft, but the effort is usually well worth it. Building one in a particular coral reef biome is a great idea due to the wonderful environment and the aesthetic aspect. OtamaTheWorld on Reddit showcases some of his talent in this small but stylish underwater build that has all the survival necessities for a novice Minecraft player. Using quartz blocks and black concrete, the simple construction fits quite well with the colorful environment of the coral reefs.

Start Small – Modern Starter


Most of the designs shown here can seem intimidating to beginner builders. Fortunately, a great Minecraft build doesn’t have to be a huge mansion. Sometimes it’s the small builds that really manage to capture people’s hearts and provide everything a good Minecraft house needs. OtamaTheWorld on Reddit Prove it by sharing a small modern five-by-five Minecraft house build. This is the perfect design for practicing a modern building style and ideal for anyone building survival with limited resources.

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